MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

205 Rankings (March, 2008)


1 Quinton Jackson 29~6 Irvine, CA UFC Champion
2 Mauricio Rua 16~3 Curitiba
3 Chuck Liddell 21~5 San Luis Obispo
4 Dan Henderson 22~7 Temecula, CA
5 Lyota Machida 12~0 Belem, Brazil
6 Keith Jardine 13~3~1 Albuquerque
7 Forrest Griffin 15~4 Athens, GA
8 Wanderlei Silva 31~8~1 Las Vegas
9 Tito Ortiz 15~5~1 Huntington Beach
10 Sokodjou 4~2 Temecula, CA
11 Ricardo Arona 13~5 Brazil
12 Rogerio Nogueira 13~3 Brazil
13 Rashad Evans 11~0~1 Albuquerque
14 Renato Sobral 29~7 Rio de Janeiro
15 Thiago Silva 12~0 Sao Paulo
16 Kazuhiro Nakamura 11~7 Tokyo
17 Alistair Overeem 26~11 Holland
18 Vitor Belfort 16~8 Rio de Janeiro Cage Rage Champion
19 Houston Alexander 8~2 Omaha
20 Wilson Gouveia 9~4 Coconut Creek, FL
21 Jason Lambert 23~7 Long Beach, CA
22 Vladimir Matyushenko 20~3 Retchisa, Belarus IFL Champion
23 Matt Hamill 3~1 Utica, NY
24 Stephen Bonnar 11~4 Chicago
25 Mike Whitehead 21~5 Salt Lake City
26 Tim Boetsch 7~1 Sunbury, PA
27 Brian Stann 6~0 Scranton, PA WEC Champion
28 David Heath 7~3 Tulsa
29 Eric Schafer 8~3~2 Milwaukee
30 James Irvin 13~4 Sacramento
31 Doug Marshall 7~3 Visalia, CA
32 Luis Cane 7~1 Rio de Janeiro
33 Glover TeixeIra 6~2 Arroyo Grande, CA
34 Andre Gusmao 5~0 Goiania, Brazil
35 Reese Andy 7~1 Seattle
36 Jamal Patterson 4~1 Hoboken, NJ

March 2, 2008 - Posted by | MMA Rankings


  1. Question, ive noticed on most “rankings” systems that have Shogun is still #2, and Chuck is 3 or 4…. now yes i know that Chuck lost two fights in a row and whatnot but when Rampage ko d Chuck thats pretty much where all rankings had him was 3~4 (he didnt move if at all due to the loss to jardine)…. ok so Chuck got ko d, Rampage moves into the 1 spot, but why did Shogun only move down 1 spot due to the loss to forrest, he wasnt a champion, it really was a dominant performance on Forrest s part, plus Shogun hasnt fought due to injury in quite some time, soo why is he still #2? he is great but what has he done lately other then get choked or have surgery… Machida ehh not too exciting but hey he deserves that spot imo, good lists thx

    Comment by slimm | March 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the feedback slimm. Shogun TKO’d Rampage and Liddell lost to him twice. Forrest lost to Jardine and Tito. Jardine lost to Houston and Bonnar. There have been a lot of losses so the picture is kinda cloudy right now. It should clear up this year. This weight class is still being debated so there may be some changes.

    Comment by Kevin | March 25, 2008 | Reply

  3. thx for getting back to me appreciate it, cool site, up for debating as well, cheers

    Comment by slimm | March 25, 2008 | Reply

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