MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

Rankings Analysis (March, 2008)

After a lot of debating, I have changed the rankings around a little bit. From now on, I will pretty much wait until after a fight to adjust the rankings unless there is some more convincing arguments.


-I have added Brock Lesnar. Even though he lost to Mir, he performed well up until the kneebar. There is some argument over Fedor being number 1 and for even listing Kimbo. I rank Kimbo because he trains with Bas and he seems to be taking the fight game seriously. I may regret it as soon as he fights a ranked guy, but i’m sticking with him.


-There was a lot of debate over this weight class. People wanted Shogun and Machida lower and Jardine and Forrest higher. I made some changes and the upcoming fights in the UFC will hopefully clear the picture some more.


-I got a lot of sh*t about putting Shamrock in the top ten so I dropped him just a tad. Some people disagree with Lindland at number 2 but others agree, so I kept him there. I moved some people up (Akiyama, Mousasi) and dropped others (Shamrock, Almeida.)


-Moved up Yoshida and Kikuchi after re-watching some of their fights. People argue that Serra should be number one. Some think his win was a fluke. We will find out.


-There is a great divide between people who think BJ should be number 1 and those who think he hasn’t been active enough within the division. Hate it or love it, i’m siding with the former group. Other than that, I moved some up (Ishida) and some down (Melendez.)


– I moved Kid and Jens down a couple because some people convinced me that Urijah, Akitoshi, and Imanari are more accomplished. Imanari was moved up a bit.


-Maeda moves up after some re-analysis.


March 27, 2008 - Posted by | MMA Analysis

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