MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

Rankings Analysis (April, 2008)


– Fedor, Nogueira and Couture are the unanimous top 3 in the world. Barnett would be up there if not for Cro Cop (whom he lost to 3 times.) There are no significant fights yet scheduled for April. Dropped Vera to 12 after re-consideration.


– Rampage is the unamimous number 1 fighter in the world. There are few guys capable of beating him. I don’t see his next opponent, Forrest, as being on of them. Wanderlei and Shogun have proven to be the worst style matchups for Rampage. They are agressive fighters with power. If Houston Alexander (A fighter with agression and power) improves his ground game and racks up a few wins, I could see him posing a threat to the Champion. He must first get by a dangerous James Irvin at UFN 13. Another interesting fighter is Lyota Machida. If he can prevent the takedowns of his next opponent, Tito Ortiz, I could see him pick apart Rampage over 5 rounds.


-Anderson Silva is the King of the division. Matt Lindland has the ability to beat him but we will most likely never see that match because Dana White hates him. An interesting prospect is Demian Maia. Maia has the ground skills to beat Silva but he is largely unproven. We will find out more about him when he fights Ed Herman on April 19. Franklin and Bisping are on a collision course to fight eachother if they get by Travis Lutter and Charles McCarthy respectively on April 19. Cung Le and Frank Shamrock put on a candidate for fight of the year in March. Both showed a warrior’s heart. Le has dynamic striking but if he were to fight Silva, he would lose due to the reach disadvantage. As talented as they are, I have dropped Cung and Frank a bit in the rankings because some people have convinced me they have not beaten enough established guys yet.


-St. Pierre takes on Serra on April 19. This will settle all debate over who is the true king at 170. If Serra wins: Hughes, Fitch and Karo (if he beats Alves on April 2) will be waiting for him. If St. Pierre wins, he will solidify his place at the top of the sport alongside Anderson Silva. I dropped Gono a couple places after reconsideration. Removed Diaz from 170.


-There is a great divide of talent at 155. There is BJ Penn in the UFC, JZ Calvancante in DREAM, and Gomi in WVR. As long as each continues to win, there will be people out there who argue for each fighter. They are probably not going to fight eachother anytime soon, so we must be content with 3 “champions.” BJ has an extremely hard test in Sean Sherk on May 24. Calvancante must rematch Aoki and/or win the DREAM lightweight tournament. Gomi must find real competition in WVR to continue to be in the discussion. There are plenty of talented fighters at 155 targeting these 3 “champions” so the coming years will be epic. Dropped Nick Diaz, Tibau, Azeredo and Firminho a bit after reconsideration.


– Kid Yamamoto obviously has the talent to be the king of 145 but Urijah Faber has both the talent and the accolades. Faber has a tough fight versus the dangerous Jens Pulver on June 1. Pulver has the ability to beat Faber and lay claim to the top of the division. Kid must fight some top fighters if he wants to claim the title. Akitoshi Tamura lost the Shooto belt to Hideki Kadowaki. Kadowaki must now defend the belt a few times to solidify his spot among the best. Masakatsu Imanari is always dangerous and must continue his winning ways to remain in the top 3. If he wants to lay claim to the crown, he will most likely have to fight in the WEC.


-In this young division, Miguel Torres and Masakatsu Ueda are the two fighters battling for the crown. Torres fights in the WEC and Ueda fights in Shooto. Who is number 1 will be debated until one of them loses.


April 1, 2008 - Posted by | MMA Analysis


  1. Excellent site here, man.

    Comment by Mike | April 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks Mike.

    Comment by Kevin | April 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. Tito beating rampage yeah not going to happen for soo many reasons plus can tito get by Lyoto? when does inactivity come into play in your ranking system? Fedor Randy Shogun Linland just a question….. Brock above Kimbo is that because of the can+washed up old guy that Kimbo has fought, or because Brock showed an actual skills set like not be able to defend a half locked knee bar ha,or do u think Brock would dominate v Kimbo, either way atleast Brock attempted to fight a really respected fighter in Mir and was doing really well til well ya know… very good site by the way cheers….

    Comment by slimm | April 4, 2008 | Reply

  4. Slimm:
    I agree 100 percent that Tito wouldn’t beat rampage. I don’t think I implied that? I thought that if Lyota proves quality takedown defense against Tito, than he (Lyota) would have a good chance against Rampage.
    If a fighter hasn’t fought in 2 years, I’ll remove him.
    I put Brock above Kimbo because he fought a tougher opponent (Mir) and even though he didn’t win, he was very competitive.
    Hope that clears some things up?

    Comment by Kevin | April 6, 2008 | Reply

  5. thx

    Comment by slimm | April 7, 2008 | Reply

  6. Where’s the love for Aurelio? A submission win over Gomi, split decision loss to Gomi. Has never had a dominant loss. His opposition quality has been very good.

    This is a top 15 lightweight.

    Comment by JCS | April 7, 2008 | Reply

  7. By “dominant” my meant KO/SUB.

    Either way, I think Aurelio is a great deal higher than he is ranked.

    Comment by JCS | April 7, 2008 | Reply

  8. JCS: 155 is stacked. There is little difference between 10 and 35. Since his win vs. Gomi, he lost to Guida and hasn’t beaten anyone quality. I gotta put Guida ahead of him.

    Comment by Kevin | April 7, 2008 | Reply

  9. isn’t Kid Yamamoto K-1 Hero’s GP LW Champ.

    why aren’t you mentioning K-1 MMA Tourny Champs?

    Comment by Tim Lee | April 17, 2008 | Reply

  10. Tim,
    Gesias Cavalcante won the Hero’s MMA GP. Hero’s has since stopped operations, so in theory, he is the last Hero’s champion. It’s the same reason I don’t mention Fedor and Gomi as PRIDE champions. I only mention the champions of organizations that are still operating. Thanks for the feedback.

    Comment by Kevin | April 17, 2008 | Reply

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