MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

UFC 83 Analysis (Spoilers)


Cain Velasquez vs. Brad Morris

Velasquez showed good finishing instincts and decent hands to go with his proven wrestling ability. He trains with Bob Cook at AKA so we know he will continue to get better. In a weak HVY division, he could rise quickly. He debuts in the rankings at 38.


Rich Franklin [5] vs. Travis Lutter [26]

I was surprised by Lutter’s Takedowns. I know he’s good but I thought Franklin would be able to defend them. Franklin showed his heart in escaping Lutter’s armbar, which looked very tight. In the end, Franklin’s cardio made the difference. If Lutter works on his cardio, he can make his way into the top ten. There is no shame in losing to Franklin.

Michael Bisping [NR] vs. Charles McCarthy

McCarthy showed very poor standup skills. I was very surprised Bisping got taken down. Having fought guys like Hammil and Evans, I would have thought McCarthy’s wrestling would pose no threat. It just goes to show that MMA wrestling and freestyle wrestling are two totally different things. I was dissapointed McCarthy turtled up at the end. Elite fighters would have fought on and McCarthy’s desire must be questioned. Bisping must fight a solid 185er in order to move into the elite in the division.

Jason MacDonald [34] vs. Joe Doerksen [39]

Both fighters showed great toughness in defending first round submissions. MacDonald defended a nasty kimura and Doerksen held out from a tight guillotine. Doerksen displayed very good Jiu-Jitsu in the first round.  MacDonald started the second round with a clinch takedown into half guard where he ended the fight quickly with elbows. Doerksen has been finished in his last three fights against three good opponenets (Filho, Herman and now MacDonald). He needs a quality win soon to re-establish himself as a threat in the 185 lbs. division. MacDonald gets his 3rd quality win  in his last 6 fights (Herman, Leben and now Doerksen). He is regrouping for another shot against a top ten fighter.

Ed Herman [35] vs. Demian Maia [46]

Maia showed why he is one of the best grapplers in MMA. I thought Herman would be able to prevent the takedowns (and he did for the most part) but Maia executed a great strategy of pulling guard and reversing position. Maia is a threat to anyone at 185 (including Silva.) Tough matchups for him would be elite wrestlers like Lindland and Henderson. There is no shame in losing to Maia and Herman showed once again that he can compete with anyone.

Jason Day [44] vs. Alan Belcher [48]

Day controlled Belcher on the ground with a good rubber guard. He showed some good dirty boxing and finishing ability on the feet. Belcher had a poor performance. Day prevented the ground and pound and Belcher couldn’t match his power standing. Day must work on his wrestling if he wants to become an elite fighter.

Kalib Starnes [49] vs. Nate Quarry [51]

Extremely dissappointing performance by Starnes. I might even say it was the worst performance by a fighter in the UFC i can remember seeing. Quarry pushed the fight throughout and Starnes looked afraid to trade with him. Starnes will probably never fight in the UFC again. Quarry must be upset that he spent all that time training only to fight a guy who didn’t want to fight.


170 lbs. Title – Georges St. Pierre [1] vs. Matt Serra [4]

St. Pierre had a great gameplan. He executed it flawlessly and showed why he is one of the 3 best fighters in any weight class. Serra has serious heart and Jiu-Jitsu so it just goes to show how great GSP is. St. Pierre will now fight Jon Fitch in what looks to be a tough fight. I dropped Serra to 9 (behind Karo, whom he lost to.) GSP remains number 1.

Kuniyoshi Hironaka [12] vs. Jonathan Goulet [48]

It looks as if I had Hironaka overrated. He showed poor wrestling and limited striking. Even though Goulet looked much improved, I don’t see him being able to beat any of the top guys at this point. Hironaka is gonna have to work on his takedowns because 170 is full of great wrestlers. I dropped Hironaka to 29 and moved Goulet to 28.


Sam Stout [34] vs. Rich Clementi [46]

1st Round: Clementi got a clinch takedown into half-guard against the fence. Stout bucked him but Clementi maintained control by taking his back. Stout defendied the Choke, rolled to his back and gave Clementi Full Mount. From there he survived the ground and pound and showed great strength and toughness getting back to his feet. Clementi used a southpaw stance to catch Stout’s low kick and take him down. Passing to Side Mount, he worked a kimura/straight arm-bar to return to Full Mount. Round ended with Clementi in control.

2nd Round: Stout kept it standing by preventing two single-leg takedowns from Clementi. They were fairly even in their exchanges. Sout may have stole the round with a late single-leg takedown.

3rd Round: Clementi got the single-leg against the cage into Side Mount. Stout used the cage to get back to his feet where he landed great combinations against Clementi, who was tiring. I gave the round to Stout.

This was a close fight and could have gone either way. I had Stout winning 29-28. He remains a threat in the division because of his granite chin, crisp striking and great cardio. Clementi pushes his win streak to 5 as he looks to move to the top at 155.

Mac Danzig [60] vs. Mark Bocek [67]

Very impressed with both fighters. Bocek showed tremendous heart. Danzig showed very good striking and executed a well thought-out gameplan. Danzig is one of the most disciplined fighters out there and he appears to be a threat to a lot of fighters at 155. Bocek should not hang his head. He will be back.


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