MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

145 Rankings (June, 2008)


1 Urijah Faber 21~1 Davis, CA WEC Champion
2 Dokonjonsuke Mishima 18~6~2 Osaka, Japan DEEP Champion
3 Jens Pulver 22~9~1 Bettendorf, IA
4 Kid Yamamoto 17~1 Tokyo, Japan
5 Hideki Kadowaki 13~7~2 Chiba, Japan Shooto Champion
6 Masakazu Imanari 14~6~1 Kanagawa, Japan Cage Rage Champion
7 Akitoshi Tamura 12~6~2 Japan
8 Mike Brown 17~4 Portland, ME
9 Jeff Curran 30~10~1 Island Lake, IL
10 Rafael Assuncao 12~1 Smyrna, GA
11 Leonard Garcia 11~3 Lubbock, TX
12 Wagnney Fabiano 10~1 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil IFL Champion
13 Hiroyuki Takaya 9~5~1 Japan
14 Antonio Carvalho 10~3 Toronto, Canada
15 Hatsu Hioki 15~3~1 Nagoya, Japan TKO Champion
16 Savant Young 9~7 Los Angeles, CA
17 Takeshi Inoue 14~3 Japan
18 Jose Aldo 10~1 Brazil
19 Ivan Menjivar 20~7 Montreal, Canada
20 Pequeno Nogueira 13~5~2 Brazil
21 Rani Yahya 11~4 Brasilia, Brazil ADCC Champion
22 Josh Grispi 8~1 Boston, MA
23 Mark Hominick 15~8 London, Canada
24 Cub Swanson 12~2 Palm Springs, CA
25 Micah Miller 9~1 Athens, GA
26 Fredson Paixao 8~2 Brazil
27 Bao Quach 13~8~1 Irvine, CA
28 Akiyo Nishiura 7~2~1 Japan
29 Hiroshi Nakamura 5~3~3 Japan
30 Tenkei Fujimiya 7~3~2 Japan
31 Rumina Sato 24~12~2 Tokyo, Japan
32 Tomohiko Hori 7~2~2 Japan
33 Marlon Sandro 11~0 Brazil  

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  1. your 145 rankings are right on Jens being #3 is justified i was there @ WEC 34 and what a battle that was hopefully he will get another oppritunity at Urijah early next year, the only other fight that i would like to see happen yet unlikely is Kid v Urijah if there is someone Zuffa could and should allow to go and fight over in Japan it is Urijah one time cross promotion it would be great…. Big Frog really needs to step it up he had nothing going for him in his fight on Sunday, i was really hoping for him to win yet he just didnt look like himself in there it was weird..

    Comment by slimm | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks Slimm,

    Jens has the one of the biggest hearts in the sport and it showed in his fight against Urijah. There is no shame in losing to the best fighter at 145, especially when you went 5 hard rounds with him.

    A fight with Kid would be out-of-this-world. I don’t see it happening though. The Japanese promotions will never let him escape to the WEC and their “exclusive rights” contracts. Maybe Dana White will allow Faber to fight in Japan but I doubt it.

    Mike Brown is a tough opponent to look good against. I haven’t seen the fight yet but I can imagine him just overpowering Curran with his wrestling.

    Comment by Kevin | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. your welcome and i wasnt trying to take anything away from Brown, and yes he did over~power Curran with his wrestling ability, yet Curran’s hand speed and kicking power just didnt seem to be there…. Curran has always had a good mix of power and speed.. im just a fan of Big Frog’s and really wanted to see him display his abilities in person owell….
    if Zuffa has a oppritunity to allow Urijah to go and fight Kid over in Japan they should jump at it…. i know not likely to happen because of contract issues and whatnot but Urijah is less of a “risk” than send BJ to go and fight Gomi persay… before Urijah was signed to fight Jens he said he really only saw Kid as a challenge, well on sunday Jens displayed more heart and wrestling ability than anyone thought he had what a great fight to see live… soo what now is the WEC going to put Brown in against Urijah…. ehhh i just wanted to see Urijah go to Japan for one fight against Kid Zuffa should let it happen imho….. o and Torres v Maeda needs to happen again…. cheers and thanku again

    Comment by slimm | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  4. Torres vs. Maeda was my favorite fight of the year so far. I’m sure they’ll have a rematch unless Maeda got hurt too badly.

    Comment by Kevin | June 3, 2008 | Reply

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