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MMA World Rankings

EliteXC Analysis

HVY – Kimbo Slice [43] vs. James Thompson

Coming into this fight, the big question was whether or not Kimbo could hold his own on the mat. Against a limited ground fighter in Thompson, Kimbo showed he was just as limited. Both fighters showed poor cardio as they gassed heavily in the 2nd round. Thompson has a reputation for having a glass jaw but that was not the case in this fight as he withstood Kimbo’s powerful punches. In a contraversial stoppage, the ref halted the bout in the 3rd round despite Thompson’s protests. Right now, Kimbo has no chance against anyone in the top 30. He needs to work on his cardio and his jiu-jitsu. Kimbo drops to 46.

HVY – Brett Rogers [44] vs. John Murphy

Brett Rogers still has not faced anyone of note but he continues to do his job, which is to win the fights he’s supposed to. He is a big, athletic heavyweight with raw skills. With a couple more fights and some more experience, he could start to move up the rankings. Rogers stays at 44.

185 lbs. Title – Robbie Lawler [8] vs. Scott Smith [53]

Listening to the fans boo during this fight was one of the most disheartening moments in MMA this year. They apparently didn’t respect the amount of training the fighters dedicated to putting on a high level display of MMA striking. I would bet a large sum of money that the people booing have never trained an honest day of MMA in their lives. Despite what the fans thought, this was one of the best fights of the year up until the contraversial doctor stoppage in the 3rd round. Lawler and Smith showed exlosive striking and granite chins. I was impressed with Lawler’s patience but I think he could have finished Smith a couple of times when he was rocked. Instead, he respected Smith’s great recovery ability and took his time. Both fighters gave everything they had for 3 rounds and a rematch is eminent. Smith rises to 38. Lawler stays at 8.

185 lbs. – Joey Villasenor [20] vs. Phil Baroni [33]

Phil Baroni continues his descent down the rankings with another poor performance. Villasenor had the more technical striking and used it to land a sharp left hook that was the beginning of the end for the iron-jawed Baroni. The referee stepped in to prevent more damage and Villasenor put another solid win on his resume. Villasenor rises to 14. Baroni drops to 46.


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  1. I feel fairly satisfied with Baroni’s ranking now.
    I’d historically disagreed with your rankings for Baroni, Cunge Le and F.Shamrock. I felt they were a house of cards.
    All three’s rankings were basically based on Baroni’s fights.

    Frank’s only recent win over a ranked guy was Baroni. I was pretty sure that Baroni didn’t matter that point, so I didn’t think it should boost Frank much.

    Cung’s only ranked opponent was Frank.

    Baroni has fallen to Hose and Joey V. So I ask, “Was Frank’s win over Baroni meaningful? Does it justify ranking Frank highly? Does this make Cung’s win over Frank less meaningful?”

    We’ll see.

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  2. Also, I love that Kimbo dropped from his win (which I support) and that Smith rises from his loss (which I support).

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  3. curses, I meant you brought Smith up despite the NC (as he didn’t lose)

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  4. Gutu,

    I’m disappointed with Baroni. I guess I thought he was a better fighter than he is. To answer your question, yes this makes Frank’s win less meaningful but in order to keep some semblence of order, I must only consider Baroni’s status when he fought Frank (As overrated as that status may have been.) If Frank is overrated, it will show when he fights an established guy. The same goes for Cung. His win over Shamrock takes a slight hit because of Baroni’s loss but, again, I must stick to the method of only looking at a fighter’s record before a fight. Afterall, fighter’s skills diminish over time (whether through age or tough battles inside the cage.) I’m not saying that Baroni was an awesome fighter when he fought Frank and was less of a fighter when he fought Joey but I must follow that system in order to be fair.

    Kimbo looked terrible. He seems like a good guy but anyone with decent wrestling and cardio would destroy him.

    Scott Smith showed he has the chin to take anyone’s punch and that is a very important weapon when fighting with 4 oz. gloves.

    p.s. I hope Shamrock fights Villasenor next. That would either prove his legitamacy or disprove it. Like i’ve said, I had the least confidence in my 185 rankings but their starting to come around.

    Comment by Kevin | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  5. Also,

    You wouldn’t believe the number of time i’ve been called “an f’n idiot” for not having Cung Le in the top 5. It’s really kind of amusing.

    Comment by Kevin | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  6. You get called an f’n idiot a lot for actually putting rankings out. I still hold them up as the best and most comprehensive.

    Joey V vs Frank would be a great way to sort things out.
    I do fear that EXC might book matches for popular appeal and we might not see many fights that help us sort things out.

    I think when you first started slapping this up (or at least when I became aware) I’d said that if you kept doing it then eventually all biases would get worked out.

    Your judging Frank’s win over Baroni based on Baroni’s rank at the time makes sense and I’d probably do the same. It just would be a strange thing to explain. “I moved Frank and Cung each down two spots because Baroni lost again.”

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | June 3, 2008 | Reply

  7. Thanks Gutu. EliteXC is definately looking to draw the casual fan. I can only hope that once they’re drawn in, they will begin to understand what makes a good fight. If the WEC was on CBS, it would have been huge for the sport. That was truly world-class MMA.

    Comment by Kevin | June 3, 2008 | Reply

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