MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

DREAM 4 and EliteXC Analysis (June, 2008)


185 lbs. Jason Miller [12] vs. Ronaldo Souza [61]

“Jacare” rockets up the rankings with a unanimous decision victory over Jason Miller. This is a breakthrough performance for Jacare. Miller is an established top 20 fighter and Jacare out-classed him on the mat. His standup wasn’t tested because of the ease with which he took down “Mayhem.” Mayhem should not be discouraged with this loss because Jacare is arguably the best grappler in the world. He is now approaching greatness in MMA. Souza rises to 15. Miller drops to 16.

185 lbs. – Gegard Mousasi [13] vs. Dong Sik Yoon [55]

Mousasi stays at 13. Yoon stays at 55.

185 lbs. – Kazushii Sakuraba [42] vs. Melvin Manhoef [56]

It’s time for the legendary Sakuraba to retire. Age has caught up to him and his reflexes are nowhere near what they used to be. Manhoef racked up another impressive KO and continues to climb the ladder. Manhoef rises to 39. Sakuraba drops to 57.

185 lbs. – Zelg Galesic [58] vs. Taiei Kin [59]

This rematch was stopped early after Kin dislocated his elbow. Neither fighter had the time to look impressive or unimpressive. Galesic drops to 59. Kin drops to 60 (due to Souza moving up from 61.)


155 lbs. Title – Yves Edwards [23] vs. KJ Noons [51]

The lightweight division has a new star in KJ Noons. He ran through Edwards like a buzzsaw. Even though he beat Nick Diaz to get the title, I wasn’t quite sure whether or not he was the real deal. He had a terrible loss to Charles Bennett that cast doubt as to whether or not his win over Diaz was a fluke. It was not. KJ is the real deal and the rest of the division better watch out. Noons rises to 17. Edwards drops to 35.

HVY – Dave Herman [34] vs. Ron Waterman [36]

Speaking of rising stars, the Heavyweight division found their own in Dave Herman. Waterman used his power to put Herman on his back early but couldn’t finish his fiesty opponent. Herman got to his feet, landed an amazing flying left high kick to Waterman’s head and then overwhelmed him. He got him to the mat and showed great finishing skills by getting the mount and forcing the referee to halt the fight. He appears to have the heart and desire to compete at a high level in the thin heavyweight division. Herman  rises to 28. Waterman drops to 37.

Wayne Cole vs. Rafael Cavalcante

Rafael trains with the best in Anderson Silva and Rodrigo Nogueira and it showed in his dominant victory over the rugged Wayne Cole. With two champions training him, he can be a threat at light-heavyweight. Cavalcante debuts at 36.

Murilo Rua [21] vs. Tony Bonello

Rua looked very sharp as he out-classed the rabid Jiu-Jitsu fighter, Bonello. Rua rises to 20.

Kala Hose [39] vs. Robert McDaniel

Kala Hose put himself on the map by beating the severely overrated Phil Baroni. He then got overrated and by losing to the journeyman, McDaniel, he drops heavily and is in danger of exiting the rankings. Hose drops to 68.

Nick Diaz [27] vs. Muhsin Corbbrey

Diaz may have taken this fight lightly but he toughed out the victory anyway. Corbbrey is underrated and enters the rankings after his performance. Diaz was probably pre-occupied with his potential rematch with KJ Noons. It took him 2 rounds to wake up and realize he was facing a game opponent. Diaz rises to 19. Corbbrey debuts at 69.


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  1. I feel a bit vindicated regarding my stance on the Cung Le/F.Shamrock/Baroni house of cards.

    I’d always felt that all three’s rankings were based on Baroni’s ranking. Baroni’s ranking just looks worse and worse (to me).

    Really makes me wonder how good Le and F.Shamrock really are…

    These Dream GPs are very interesting for the MW and LW rankings (and are producing some very good fights).

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | June 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. It appears that you were spot on with the MW rankings. I knew they were going to change drastically but I wasn’t sure how. Baroni is an enigma to me. He is either great (Suloev, Menne, Lindland, Chonan, Kondo)or horrible (Kala Hose, Pete Sell, Minowa, etc.) Theres no no doubt Cung can stand and strike with anyone sans Silva but his overall game hasn’t been tested. You’re right about Shamrock too. We still don’t know whether or not he’s the same world-class figher as he was before he retired in 1999.

    Comment by Kevin | June 17, 2008 | Reply

  3. I’m a bit intrigued about Baroni, too.

    Did my disdain for him prejudice me against him and I just happened to be right?
    Or did I see in his performances (and in his ethic) that his future would be rough?

    I hope Cung fights someone like Joey V or Ninja (though I fear the cross promotions are over).

    And to Ninja’s credit. I was about to write him off as heading down the same path as Baroni. I’m glad he showed up for his fight.

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | June 17, 2008 | Reply

  4. I only now noticed that you didn’t put the Aoki/Nagata fight on your analysis…

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | June 18, 2008 | Reply

  5. I didn’t put Aoki/Nagata because I haven’t seen the fight and Aoki stayed at #2. I heard he gogoplata’d Nagata. That’s crazy. I want to see him fight Eddie Alvarez in an extreme clash of syles.

    Comment by Kevin | June 18, 2008 | Reply

  6. Not just any gogo, but a gogo from mount.

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | June 19, 2008 | Reply

  7. The guy is insane. He’s like Genki Sudo but all his unorthodox moves are effective. I wonder how good he would be if he had to wear shorts? The UFC doesn’t allow pants (as far as i know) so he would probably use knee and ankle wraps.

    Comment by Kevin | June 20, 2008 | Reply

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