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MMA World Rankings

The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale Analysis

185 lbs. – C.B. Dolloway vs. Amir Sadollah

This fight went just like the 3rd round of their 1st fight. C.B. got the easy takedown and worked some ground and pound. Amir weathered it and then caught him in an armbar. Dolloway said he didn’t tap but it was obvious that he had. Sadollah debuts at 68.

185 lbs. – Evan Tanner [21] vs. Kendall Grove [35]

Tanner simply couldn’t deal with Kendall’s height and takedown defense. Kendall looked very focused and showed grit in preventing the takedown’s and withstanding the 3rd round comeback that Tanner made. Tanner has limited striking ability and cannot use his strength to force his will like did when he was younger. The new generation of fighters, like Kendall, have the technique to defend against brute strength takedowns. Guys like Tanner and Matt Hughes can no longer rely on their strength to defeat their opponents. They need to have the striking skills in their back pocket if and when their takedowns get stuffed. Kendall rises to 32. Tanner drops to 40.

170 lbs. – Diego Sanchez [6] vs. Luigi Fioravanti [34]

This was a great fight. Both guys brought their A-games and neither backed down. Diego Sanchez is as intense a competitor as there is. He was relentless with his pressure and showed much improved striking. Luigi showed solid takedown defense and landed a few punches of his own but Sanchez walked through them with his “mexican chin.” Because he is just entering his prime and by training at American Top Team, Luigi will be in the mix for a while. If you’re going to fight Diego, you better bring your lunch-pail because it’s going to be a hard night’s work. Diego rises to 5. Fioravanti stays at 34.

155 lbs. – Spencer Fisher [24] vs. Jeremy Stephens [57]

This was not the slugfest that I anticipated. There were several clinches against the cage as both fighter’s were aware of the other’s power. Fisher played it smart by putting Stephens on his back where he couldn’t put together any offense. He must improve his jiu-jitsu in order to move up the ladder. In a Lightweight division that is stacked from top to bottom with hungry fighters, a massive heart and powerful striking just won’t cut it. He is still very young so I won’t be surprised if we see him improve enough to join the elite. With this win, Fisher has surely lined himself up for another shot against a top fighter. A couple more wins and he’ll be in title contention. Fisher stays at 24. Stephens stays at 57.

170 lbs. – Josh Burkman [14] vs. Dustin Hazelett [28]

Hazelett rises to 13. Burkman drops to 18.

185 lbs. – Marvin Eastman [31] vs. Drew McFedries [50]

This was just a bad matchup for Eastman. Drew had the height advantage and the wrestling ability to keep the fight on the feet. He used his rare punching power to devastate Eastman. He ended it with a punch that earned him Knockout of the Night. I wouldn’t mind seeing him fight Chris Leben in his next matchup. As for Eastman, this may well have been his last fight in the octagon as he is nearing 40-years of age. McFedries rises to 33. Eastman drops to 41.

185 lbs. – Jeremy Horn [22] vs. Dean Lister [55]

Jeremy Horn suffers his 4th loss in his last 5 fighs. Lister got the drag takedown and it was over from there. If you allow Dean Lister to get into top position, you will more than likely be submitted. Some may question if Horn is suffering the consequences of having too many fights. I’m not talking about his body wearing down so much as I’m talking about mental fatigue. He’s had over 100 fights and that has to be taken into consideration when discussing his recent slump. Lister, on the other hand, has just 16 fights and he has assured himself another bout in the octagon with this victory. Lister rises to 34. Horn drops to 35.

185 lbs. – Rob Yundt vs. Rob Kimmons

Kimmons was very active on his back, trying for submission after submission. He got the reversal and then passed into half-guard before grabbing a hold of Yundt’s neck and falling back for the guillotine finish. Very impressive jiu-jitsu by Kimmons. Kimmons debuts at 72.

185 lbs. – Tim Credeur vs. Cale Yarbrough

This bout was scrapped at the last second by the Nevada State Athletic Commission after traces of Adderall were found in a pre-fight drug test of Tim Credeur.

185 lbs. – Dante Rivera vs. Matthew Riddle

Matt Riddle displayed his grappling credentials by controlling where the fight was fought. He got the takedowns when he wanted them and kept it standing when he wanted to. He is very young and seems to have the ability to excel in this division. It will be interesting to track his development over his next few fights.

170 lbs. – Matt Arroyo vs. Matt Brown

Matt Brown is tough as nails. He just out-toughed Arroyo. After weathering a first round barrage by Arroyo, Brown put the pressure on and would not relent until the ref stopped it in the 2nd round. He may not have all the talent necessary to be great but he is a true warrior who will bring it all the time. He is a fighter’s fighter.


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