MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

Strikeforce Ananlysis (June, 2008)

155 Title Fight – Gilbert Melendez [6] vs. Josh Thomson [23]

In the first 3 rounds, Thomson looked extremely sharp. He executted a smart and patient fight-plan. While Melendez stalked him around the cage, he used his footwork to keep out of striking range. When he did engage, he beat Melendez to the punch with mixed strikes and quickly moved back out of the pocket. Adding to the complete performance was his ability to mix in a few takedowns to keep Melendez off-guard. In the 4th round, he kept up the pace, took back mount late and nearly locked on a rear-naked choke. The 5th round just capped off the performance of Josh Thomson’s life. He was machine-like in his execution. He showed tremendous discipline by sticking with his gameplan over 5 rounds. If he fights this well in the future, he will be very tough to beat. Melendez will bounce back. He won’t meet many fighters in the future that are as focused and determined as Thomson was in this fight. Thomson rises to 6. Melendez drops to 16.


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