MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

UFN 14 Analysis

205 lbs. – Anderson Silva [NR] vs. James Irvin [21]

If it wasn’t for Fedor, Anderson Silva would be the best fighter on the planet. As it is, he is a close 2nd. He does have the most creative fight game in the world. He caught an Irvin kick and then lifted him off the canvas with a punch. He quickly finished him with several pinpoint strikes to the face. The reason I rank Silva at 12 is because he hasn’t competed in the division long enough to be higher yet his win was so impressive, he debuts just outside the top 10. Silva debuts at 12. Irvin drops to 22.

155 lbs. – Frank Edgar [14] vs. Hermes Franca [23]

Speaking of great performances, Frankie Edgar put one on against the always dangersous Hermes Franca. Franca caught Edgar in a tight armbar in the 1st round that would have finished most fighters but Frank showed his grit and worked hard to yank it out. At the end of the fight, Franca landed a flush knee that hurt Edgar but again he survived. In between those two instances, it was all Frankie Edgar. He showed incredible tenacity and grappling control. His transitions were top notch and his ground and pound battered Hermes’ face. Edgar stays at 14. Franca stays at 23.

205 lbs. – Brandon Vera [NR] vs. Reese Andy [36]

This was a very lackluster fight. Vera looked to counterpunch throughout and he was left waiting by Reese to initiate. Vera admitted after the fight that the weight cut drained him of energy. There was nothing noteworthy about this match. Vera must learn the science of weight-cutting in order to be successful at 205. Vera debuts at 25. Andy drops to 38.

170 lbs. – Kevin Burns [23] vs. Anthony Johnson [36]

Anthony Johnson controlled this fight but was continually poked in the eye by Burns. He landed flush hands and shins and got powerful takedowns throughout. Just as it looked like he would cruise to a unanimous decision victory, Burns inadvertantly poked him in the eye again and Johnson covered up. The ref stopped the fight and ruled it a TKO for Burns. The replay clearly shows the finger going deep into Johnson’s eye. A win is a win but the better fighter is Johnson and he looks like he has the tools to make a run at the belt in the near future. Burns stays at 23. Johnson rises to 24.

HVY – Jake O’Brien [22] vs. Cain Velasquez [42]

Velasquez rises to 21. O’Brien drops to 28. 

170 lbs. – Brad Blackburn [27] vs. James Giboo

170 lbs. – Rory Markham vs. Brodie Farber

Markham’s fights are guaranteed excitement. Farber landed early and often as Markham tried to find his range. Farber had him retreating when suddenly Markham planted his feet and landed a BRUTAL kick for the instant KO. Markham debuts at 53. 

155 lbs. – Dale Hartt vs. Shannon Gugerty

185 lbs. – Jesse Taylor vs. CB Dollaway

185 lbs. – Cale Yarbrough vs. Tim Credeur

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  1. Markham produced my favorite moment of the weekend.
    Action movie directors wish they could produce KOs that look like what A.Silva did to Irvin.

    Vera disappointed me almost as much as Lindland did, but at least he never really looked like he was in much trouble and he had a bit of an excuse…

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | July 21, 2008 | Reply

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