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MMA World Rankings

UFC 87 Analysis (August, 2008)

170 lbs. Title – Georges St. Pierre [1] vs. Jon Fitch [2]

GSP shows once again that he is the most talented and best welterweight fighter in the world. Fitch was all heart but he simply didn’t have the tools to beat GSP. St. Pierre stays at 1. Fitch drops to 4.

155 lbs. – Kenny Florian [10] vs. Roger Huerta [14]

Florian executed a smart fightplan and dominated Huerta from start to finish. He kept Roger at bay with his jab and mixed in a few takedowns for good measure. A very solid win for a solid veteran. Huerta will learn a lot from this loss. He should now understand what it takes to compete at the top level. Florian rises to 8. Huerta drops to 21.

HVY – Heath Herring [10] vs. Brock Lesnar [43]

WOW! Lesnar is a silverback gorilla. He flat out manhandled the rugged Heath Herring. After landing a face-smashing right cross, he used his wrestling skills to control Heath on the mat and administer some hammer fists while he was at it. This shows that Lesnar has the stamina to go 3 rounds and it shows that he has a very, very dangerous right hand. Move over Bob Sapp, there is a new monster in town. Lesnar rises to 17. Herring drops to 18. (Re-adjusted Frank Mir to 16 as a result of Lesnar’s performance.)

155 lbs. – Manny Gamburyan [37] vs. Rob Emerson [65]

Emerson continues his rapid improvement as a fighter. Manny came rushing in while Emerson calmly sat in the pocket and touched him on the chin for the KO. Manny is going to have to think about moving down to 145 after this loss. His reach is going to be a handicap every time he fights good strikers. Emerson rises to 51. Manny drops to 58.

185 lbs. – Jason MacDonald [30] vs. Demian Maia [31]

I’m almost more impressed with MacDonald than I am with Maia…but not quite. Demian continues his rapid ascent up the rankings with a victory over an extremely tough and game Jason MacDonald. Another win or two and Anderson Silva may have a very dangerous fighter looking to take his title. Maia rises to 17. Macdonald drops to 31.

170 lbs. – Tamden McCrory [44] vs. Luke Cummo [59]


HVY – Cheick Kongo [11] vs. Dan Evensen

Easy win for Kongo. He probably wanted to keep busy while waiting for an opponent in the thin UFC heavyweight division. Kongo rises to 10 (as a result of Herring’s loss)

205 lbs. – Andre Gusmao [38] vs. Jon Jones

I have a feeling Jon Jones will be become an elite fighter in a few years. He’s only 21-years-old and is a former all-american in Greco-Roman wrestling. Add to that an unbelievable reach advantage (85 inches) and you have a tremedous potential for growth. Gusmao didn’t look like himself. I’m guessing it was the adrenaline shock that sometimes accompanies a fighter’s 1st appearence on the big show. Jones debuts at 38. Gusmao drops to 40. 

170 lbs. – Chris Wilson [38] vs. Steve Bruno

Nice dominant performance by Chris Wilson. After giving Jon Fitch a very competitive fight, he gets back on the winning track with a victory over Steve Bruno. He has very sharp striking and great takedown defense. He could become a solid contender. Wilson rises to 29. 

170 lbs. – Ben Saunders vs. Ryan Thomas

Ben Saunders is a pretty big welterweight. He trains at one of the best camps in the world in American Top Team (ATT) and looks pretty solid on his feet and on the mat. I rarely debut a fighter in the rankings if they haven’t yet beaten a ranked guy. Hopefully Saunders will get that shot next time around because he seems like he’ll put on some exciting fights in the future.

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