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MMA World Rankings

Sengoku 4 Analysis (August, 2008)

155 lbs. – Takanori Gomi [5] vs. Seung Hwan Bang

Gomi looked rather mediocre against an opponent he should have ran through. For his part, Bang was very game in the loss and because of his ability to compete with one of the elite fighters in the weight class, the current DEEP lightweight champion debuts in the rankings. Gomi stays at 5. Bang debuts at 72.

155 lbs – Rodrigo Damm [34] vs. Eiji Mitsuoka [43]

After an average start to his MMA career, Mitsuoka is starting to make his move up the rankings. Damm takes a slight step back. Mitsuoka rises to 34. Damm drops to 40.

155 lbs. – Ryan Schultz [50] vs. Mizuto Hirota

Hirota gets a much needed win over an established opponent to put him in the rankings. His only 2 losses have come to Takashi Nakakura [28] and Ganjo Tentsuku [46]. Schultz must regroup after this slight setback. Hirota debuts at 45. Schultz drops to 52.

HVY – Pawel Nastula [NR] vs. Yang Dong Yi

In his return from retirement, Nasutla did not do anything to merit being ranked. Either did Yi in this lackluster fight.

185 lbs. – Frank Trigg [11] vs. Makoto Takimoto 




Clay French vs. Satoru Kitaoka

Kazunori Yokota vs. Bojan Kosednar

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