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UFC 88 Analysis (September, 2008)

205 lbs. – Chuck Liddell [4] vs. Rashad Evans [15]

A lot of people are going to be saying that Liddell is past his prime but the truth is he got caught by a punch that would have KO’d almost anyone. Rashad has rare striking power to go along with the reflexes and quickness of a butterfly. His KO’s are quickly adding up and he is now officially an elite fighter. Liddell will hopefully recover from this loss and come back and fight another day. He’s lost 3 of his last 4 but all of his fights are against top tier talent. He is still a dangerous fight for anyone. Rashad rises to 4. Liddell drops to 5.

205 lbs. – Rich Franklin [NR] vs. Matt Hamill [23]

Franklin proved that he will be a force to be reckoned with at 205 lbs. He was his usual self. A very sound striker with great scramling ability. I was surprised that Hamill didn’t go for many takedowns. He had no chance of winning a stand up fight. Franklin debuts at 21. Hamill drops to 25.

170 lbs. – Karo Parisyan [8] vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida [17] [Cancelled due to an Injury to Karo]

185 lbs. – Dan Henderson [3] vs. Rousimar Palhares [46]

I was extremely impressed by Palhares. He got a couple takedowns and a slam against a world-class wrestler in Henderson. He also showed that he has a great chin. We all knew about his incredible submission ability but we now can add great wrestling and a great chin to his resume. Henderson on the other hand did what he had to. He got the win and remains a top 5 fighter at this weight class. Henderson stays at 3. Palhares rises to 41.

185 lbs. – Nathan Marquardt [7] vs. Martin Kampmann [16]

This was the best performance by Nate Marquardt since he’s come to the UFC. A lot of people don’t understand how good he is because they remember how badly Anderson Silva beat him. He really is one of the best fighters at 185. Kampmann showed great heart in fighting off the KO but was simply overwhelmed by Marquardt’s barrage of strikes. He has all the tools to be a top 10 fighter but must put together some solid wins to get there. Marquardt stays at 7. Kampmann drops to 25.

155 lbs. – Kurt Pellegrino [36] vs. Thiago Tavares [42]

Pretty even matchup. Kurt almost finished him in the 1st round after dropping him with a punch and had a near-armbar in the 2nd round. Both guys looked gassed by the 3rd round. They must improve their stamina if they want to be champions. Kurt stays at 36. Thiago stays at 42.

170 lbs. – Dong Hyun Kim [47] vs. Matt Brown

I was disappointed in Kim’s performance and impressed by Matt Brown. Brown looked very much improved. He is very tough to submit and he showed great takedown defense. He also put a lot of pressure on Kim. Kim needs to improve his standup in order to be a threat at 170. If he though Matt Brown was hard to takedown, he’s gonna have problems at the next level of opponent. I’m interested to see both fighter’s next fights. Kim’s lackluster performance could be due to Matt Brown’s rising skills or it could be because he was overrated. Kim drops to 54.

170 lbs. – Ryo Chonan [19] vs. Roan Carneiro [23]

Chonan drops to 22. Roan stays at 23.

185 lbs. – Jason MacDonald [31] vs. Jason Lambert [NR]

MacDonald quickly erases his loss to Demian Maia with an impressive win over a tough opponent. I was surprised how easily MacDonald got his takedowns. For his part, Lambert locked on a very tight guillotine in the 1st round. But MacDonald has shown in the past that he will never tap out. He survived and got the rear-naked choke in the 2nd. This is the 2nd impressive performance by the ever-improving Jason MacDonald. MacDonald rises to 23.

205 lbs. – Tim Boetsch [30] vs. Mike Patt

Tim Boetsch picks up another win. He is a very powerful and tough man and should get a ranked opponent in his next go-around. Boetsch stays at 30.

Fights I’d like to see:


Rashad Evans [4] vs. Forrest Griffin [1]           

Chuck Liddell [5] vs. Thiago Silva [11]                                                                     

Rich Franklin [21] vs. the winner of Sokoudjou [10] vs. Luis Cane [19]

Matt Hamill [25] vs.Stephan Bonnar [18]

Tim Boetsch [30] vs. the winner of Houston Alexander [28] vs. Eric Schafer [34]


Dan Henderson [3] vs. Nathan Marquardt [7]

Jason MacDonald [23] vs. Rousimar Palhares [41]

Jason Lambert [NR] vs. the loser of Ed Herman [37] vs. Alan Belcher [52]


Martin Kampmann [NR] vs. Mike Swick [11]

Ryo Chonan [22] vs. Kevin Burns [19]

Roan Carneiro [23] vs. George Sotiropoulos [46]

Dong Hyun Kim [54] vs. Tom Speer [61]

Matt Brown vs. Rory Markham [50]


Kurt Pellegrino [36] vs. Roger Huerta [21]

Thiago Tavares [42] vs. Cole Miller [62]

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  1. I’m pleased to see Rousimar climb in rank despite losing.
    I was very impressed by him and realized that I only learned a small sliver of what he could do in his fight with Ivan.

    I’m a bit surprised to see Nate not move up despite demolishing Kampmann. I was shocked, I thought Marquardt/Kampmann was going to be the most competitive fight on the card…

    I’d be inclined to move Brown up in rank despite his loss, too, but he’s ranked so low as is… I hope UFC keeps him around despite his unimpressive record. He seems like he could serve as a lower level Clay Guida at 170, as they are tremendously entertaining fighters.

    Perhaps Brown could fight Cummo.

    I’d also be inclined to drop Chuck to 6 or so, but that fight makes for tough ranking. Chuck was dropped worse than ever, but so little happened before the KO.

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | September 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. And of course I should point to my review of the event:

    I ranked the event 8th (above UFC 82 and below WEC 34).
    WEC 34 trumps because it had two fight of the year contenders and a couple less interesting fights.

    UFC 82 was jumped, despite having some great fights it had Herring/Kongo which was pretty terrible after the first two minutes.

    UFC 88 had six minutes of boredom (Liddell/Evans) that wasn’t too bad because of the tension of Chuck’s inevitable 1 hit KO.

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | September 8, 2008 | Reply

  3. Chuck will no doubt be surpassed once other fighters fight their fights. If Shogun wins, he’ll most likely move ahead of him. The same goes for Wand (despite their head-to-head loss).

    I think Nate is right were he should be ranked. Thales is fighting a very tough Goran Reljic in his next fight, so we will see if he remains ahead of Nate after that.

    Matt Brown will be back. He improved a lot but still needs to get an impressive victory to put himself on the map.

    Comment by Kevin | September 9, 2008 | Reply

  4. I was really impressed with Marquardt and he was my survival pick when a lot of people picked Kampmann so I was happy about that 🙂

    I think the next logical step in searching for a #1 MW contender would be Marquardt/Henderson. It’s interesting because both of them want a rematch. I think I’d have to go with Marquardt to take that one as well, he’s really been on fire since he started growing his hair LOL

    I believe at one point that Okami was the #1 contender, but after having this much time off and an injury I find it really hard to argue that he deserves a shot over Marquardt/Henderson…

    Comment by Giga Explosivo | September 10, 2008 | Reply

  5. Giga,

    There have been rumors about a fight between Liddell and Anderson Silva at 205 lbs.. Also, I can’t help but think they are grooming Michael Bisping for a title shot. I do think Marquardt and Hendo would be a great matchup and I would love to see it. It is funny how Nate looks much more formidable with his curly hair:)

    I think Okami would be a good match for Silva. He is very strong and it would have a built in story line because they’ve fought once before.

    p.s. I’ve also heard that Kampmann may move to 170 and Hendo might take a fight at 205 lbs.

    Comment by Kevin | September 10, 2008 | Reply

  6. I was thinking Chuck’s loss to Rashad probably hurts the A.Silva/Chuck fight.

    The A.Silva/Okami fight is very compelling, A.Silva’s last loss (which most people don’t recognize as a loss).

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | September 11, 2008 | Reply

  7. Will Bonnar ever have another fight?

    Fights I’d add to the ‘wanted’ list:
    Maynard/Nate Diaz
    Rob Emerson/Jeremy Stephens
    Rampage/winner of Vera/Jardine
    Shogun/Reljic (I wouldn’t like Reljic’s chances)

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | September 12, 2008 | Reply

  8. Gutu,

    I was only including guys that fought on the card in my fights I want to see. But ya, those fights would be great also.

    I hope Bonnar fights again but i’m not sure.

    Comment by Kevin | September 13, 2008 | Reply

  9. ha
    that makes sense
    I was confused why it was just added on to the bottom of the 88 talk

    it seemed like its own thing

    other random guy I want to see in action: Wiman
    his last performance was dynamite

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | September 13, 2008 | Reply

  10. I went back through the Liddell-Evans fight. Earlier the blog author stated that Liddell was seconds from landing an uppercut that would have led to a knockout.

    However, given the steady string on ineffective right hands throughout round 1 and round 2 (I document below), it is safe to say that Rashad was easily defusing Chuck’s only and obvious weapon.

    Round 1
    4:23 – right hand missed
    3:42 – right hand too slow
    3:16 – right hand solidly connects, no KO
    2:28 – right hand powerful, but Evans ducks away
    1:52 – Evans job connects
    1:39 – Evans jab connects again
    1:37 – Chuck with right hand again. Misses
    1:10 – Evans connects with Roundhouse
    0:58 – Liddell right hand. No damage.
    0:32 – Liddell bleeding from right cheek.
    0:23 – Liddell uppercut defused.
    0:17 – Liddell missed with right roundhouse
    0:08 – Evans connects with right hand.
    0:00 – Liddell to slow with kick

    Round 2

    4:00 – Chuck with right hand. Little damage
    3:10 – Liddell again with right hand. Too slow. Evans KO.

    Comment by metaperl | September 24, 2008 | Reply

  11. Metaperl,

    I never said that. If that punch did land, I don’t think it would have KO’d him anyway.

    Very in depth fight ananlysis though. Thanks:)

    Comment by Kevin | September 24, 2008 | Reply

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