MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

MMA Schedule (December, 2008)

WEC 37 – December 3


Bart Palaszewski [59] vs. Alex Karalexis


Akitoshi Tamura [7] vs. Wagnney Fabiano [12]


Miguel Torres [1] vs. Manny Tapia [16]

Brian Bowles [5] vs. Will Ribeiro [8]

Maximum FC 19 – December 5


Emmanuel Newton [39] vs. Roger Hollett


Paul Daley [46] vs. John Alessio [47]

UFC Fight Night 16 – December 10


Justin McCully [32] vs. Eddie Sanchez [35]


Steve Cantwell [35] vs. Razak Al-Hussan


Tim Credeur vs. Nate Loughran


Josh Koscheck [3] vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida [17]

Mike Swick [11] vs. Jonathan Goulet [27]

Luigi Fioravanti [34] vs. Brodie Farber

Steve Bruno vs. Johnny Rees

Ben Saunders vs. Brandon Wolff


Matt Wiman [32] vs. Jim Miller [50]

Corey Hill vs. Dale Hartt

TUF 8 Finale – December 13


Jason MacDonald [23] vs. Wilson Gouveia [49]


Kevin Burns [19] vs. Anthony Johnson [20]


UFC 92– December 27


Rodrigo Nogueira [2] vs. Frank Mir [16]

Cheick Kongo [9] vs. Mustafa Al-Turk

Antoni Hardonk [32] vs. Mark Burch

Dan Evensen vs. Pat Berry


Forrest Griffin [1] vs. Rashad Evans [4]

Quinton Jackson [2] vs. Wanderlei Silva [8]

Matt Hamill [23] vs. Reese Andy [39]


Yushin Okami [11] vs. Dean Lister [34]

Mike Massezio [42] vs. C.B. Dollaway


Brad Blackburn [21] vs. Ryo Chonan [22]

K-1 Dyanamite – December 31


Alistair Overeem [10] vs. Badr Hari

Mirko Filipovic [13] vs. Hong Man Choi

Mark Hunt [29] vs. Jerome LeBanner

Semmy Schilt [41] vs. Mo Siliga


Kazushi Sakuraba [63] vs. Kiyoshi Tamura [70]


Eddie Alvarez [2] vs. Shinya Aoki [5]

Joachim Hansen [3] vs. Gesias Cavalcante [6]

Hayato Sakurai [43] vs. Katsuyori Shibata

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DREAM 6 & Strikeforce Analysis (September, 2008)

Strikeforce – September 20


Trevor Prangley [NR] vs. Anthony Ruiz

Prangley (Unanimous Decision)…Prangley remains unranked at 205.



Kazuo Misaki [8] vs. Joe Riggs [54]

Misaki (2nd round TKO)….Misaki drops to 9 (Because of DREAM 6 results). Riggs drops to 58.

Terry Martin [45] vs. Cory DeVela [57]

Martin (3rd round TKO)…Martin rises to 42. DeVela stays at 57.


Josh Thomson [9] vs. Ashe Bowman

Thomson (1st round TKO)…..Thomson stays at 9.

Mitsuhiro Ishida [17] vs. Justin Wilcox

Ishida (1st round armbar)…Ishida rises to 16.

DREAM 6 – September 23


Mirko Filipovic [9] vs. Alistair Overeem [14]

No Contest (Overeem knee to Mirko’s groin)….Overeem rises to 10. Mirko drops to 13 (based on  performance) Overeem was owning him pretty badly up until the stoppage.

Sergei Kharitonov [13] vs. Jimmy Ambriz

Kharitonov (1st round submission due to punches)…Kharitonov rises to 12.


Yoshihiro Akiyama [9] vs. Masanori Tonooka

Akiyama (1st round armbar)….Akiyama drops to 10 (because of other results).

Gegard Mousasi [12] vs. Melvin Manhoef [37]

Mousasi (1st round triangle choke)…Mousasi rises to 11. Manhoef stays at 37.

Ronaldo Souza [13] vs. Zelg Galesic [63]

Souza (1st round armbar)…Souza stays at 13. Zelg stays at 63.

Gegard Mousasi [11] vs. Ronaldo Souza [13]

Mousasi (1st round KO)…Mousasi rises to 8. Souza stays at 13.

Dong Sik Yoon [60] vs. Andrews Nakahara

Nakahara (2nd round TKO)…Nakahara debuts at 64. Dong Sik Yoon drops to 65.


Kuniyoshi Hironaka [32] vs. Hayato Sakurai [NR]

Sakurai (Unanimous Decision)….Sakurai debuts at 36. Hironaka drops to 40.


Shinya Aoki [4] vs. Todd Moore

Aoki (1st Round Neck Crank)….Aoki stays at 4.


Atsushi Yamamoto [NR] vs. Hideo Tokoro

Yamamoto (Unanimous Decision)…Yamamoto remains unranked at 145.

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UFC Fight Night 15 (September, 2008)

155 lbs. – Josh Neer [26] vs. Nate Diaz [31]

Great fight. Very close but Diaz looked a little bit slicker with his jiu-jitsu. Neer once again showed why he is one of the most respected fighters in the sport. He came to fight for 15 minutes and gave Diaz everything he had. Nate take a big step forward in the title hunt. Diaz rises to 25. Neer stays at 26.

155 lbs. – Clay Guida [25] vs. Mac Danzig [61]

Guida may not have been the better technician but his tornado-like pressure won him this fight. He overwhelmed Danzig from start to finish. Mac has nothing to be ashamed about. He showed that he can hang with the top fighters at 155. Guida rises to 24. Mac rises to 46.

205 lbs. – Houston Alexander [28] vs. Eric Schafer [34]

Everyone knows the book on Houston. He comes out on fire for 3 minutes and then wears down. He rocked Schafer but could not close the deal. Schafer eventually took him down and exposed Houston’s subpar groundgame by securing an arm-triangle. Houston is a dangerous opponent for anyone but he must improve his groundgame if plan A, or his initial onslaught, doesn’t work. Schafer rises to 27. Houston drops to 31.

185 lbs. – Drew McFedries [33] vs. Mike Massenzio

McFedries is the Houston Alexander of the Middleweight division. He’s a little bit more adept on the ground game but he is still relies too much on his explosive striking. Massenzio used Drew’s aggression to his advantage as he took down his off-balance opponent. From there, he escaped a triangle and secured a fight-ending kimura. His striking is still unproven at this level. Massenzio debuts at 41. McFedries drops to 42.

185 lbs. – Ed Herman [37] vs. Alan Belcher [52]

Belcher came in very determined and looked extremely sharp with his muay thai. I was surprised Herman didn’t go for the takedown more often. Herman is a game opponent but may not have the physical tools to ever break into the elite. Belcher is explosive but must improve his groundgame. Belcher rises to 40. Herman drops to 43.

155 lbs. – Joe Lauzon [37] vs. Kyle Bradley

This was truly a great fight. I was very impressed by Kyle Bradley but he couldn’t stop Lauzon’s pitbull-like aggression. Joe was all over him. He almost ended the fight early with a flying-scissor heel-hook. Bradly escaped and dropped Joe with a punch. Lauzon recovered and was relentless for the remainder of the fight, getting the TKO in the 2nd round. Lauzon rises to 34. Bradley debuts at 73.

185 lbs. – Dan Miller [64] vs. Rob Kimmons [73]

I was extremely impressed with Dan Miller’s jiu-jitsu. Kimmons is no slouch at all when it comes to the submission game, but he was owned by Miller. Dan looked very athletic and aggresive in locking on a very tight standing-guillotine for the finish. Miller rises to 58. Kimmons drops to 76.

185 lbs. – Ryan Jensen [72] vs. Wilson Gouveia [NR]

Ryan Jensen is 0-3 in the octagon but he is much, much better than that indicates. He’s lost to 3 of the most talented fighters at Middleweight: Thales Leites [6], Demian Maia [16] and now Wilson Gouveia. This was Gouveia’s first fight at 185 and he seemed a bit fatigued from the weight cut. Jensen controlled the whole fight up until a lighting quick armbar by Gouveia to finish the fight. Jensen will be back and Wilson is going to make some noise at 185. Gouveia debuts at 49. Jensen rises to 59.

185 lbs. – Alessio Sakara vs. Joe Vedepo

Sakara is very well-versed in striking. He showed much improved takedown defense against Vedepo who is primarily a wrestler. Training at American Top Team will only improve Sakara’s game. His chin is a bit suspect and that may hurt his chances of rising up in the rankings. Sakara debuts at 75.

 205 – Brad Morris vs. Jason Brilz

Brilz dominated this fight with his power and superior grappling, getting the TKO stoppage in the 2nd round. He appears to be the real deal. Brilz debuts at 40.

Next fights I’d like to see from these fighters:


Eric Schafer [27] vs. James Irvin [23]

Houston Alexander [31] vs. Tim Boetsch [30]

Jason Brilz [40] vs. Reese Andy [41]


Alan Belcher [40] vs. Loser of Michael Bisping [20] vs. Chris Leben [36]

Mike Massenzio [41] vs. Loser of Ricardo Almeida [27] vs. Matt Horwich [69]

Drew McFedries [42] vs. Amir Sadolloh [71]

Ed Herman [43] vs. Ryan Jensen [59]

Wilson Gouveia [49] vs. Jason MacDonald [23]

Dan Miller [58] vs. Jeremy Horn [35]

Alessio Sakara [75] vs. Benji Radach [70]

Rob Kimmons [76] vs. Joe Doerksen [50]


Clay Guida [24] vs. Frank Edgar [15]

Nate Diaz [25] vs. Loser of Kenny Florian [8] vs. Joe Stevenson [10]

Josh Neer [26] vs. Jeremy Stephens [61]

Joe Lauzon [34] vs. Roger Huerta [21]

Mac Danzig [46] vs. Rob Emerson [52]

Kyle Bradley [73] vs. Thiago Tavares [42]

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UFC 88 Analysis (September, 2008)

205 lbs. – Chuck Liddell [4] vs. Rashad Evans [15]

A lot of people are going to be saying that Liddell is past his prime but the truth is he got caught by a punch that would have KO’d almost anyone. Rashad has rare striking power to go along with the reflexes and quickness of a butterfly. His KO’s are quickly adding up and he is now officially an elite fighter. Liddell will hopefully recover from this loss and come back and fight another day. He’s lost 3 of his last 4 but all of his fights are against top tier talent. He is still a dangerous fight for anyone. Rashad rises to 4. Liddell drops to 5.

205 lbs. – Rich Franklin [NR] vs. Matt Hamill [23]

Franklin proved that he will be a force to be reckoned with at 205 lbs. He was his usual self. A very sound striker with great scramling ability. I was surprised that Hamill didn’t go for many takedowns. He had no chance of winning a stand up fight. Franklin debuts at 21. Hamill drops to 25.

170 lbs. – Karo Parisyan [8] vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida [17] [Cancelled due to an Injury to Karo]

185 lbs. – Dan Henderson [3] vs. Rousimar Palhares [46]

I was extremely impressed by Palhares. He got a couple takedowns and a slam against a world-class wrestler in Henderson. He also showed that he has a great chin. We all knew about his incredible submission ability but we now can add great wrestling and a great chin to his resume. Henderson on the other hand did what he had to. He got the win and remains a top 5 fighter at this weight class. Henderson stays at 3. Palhares rises to 41.

185 lbs. – Nathan Marquardt [7] vs. Martin Kampmann [16]

This was the best performance by Nate Marquardt since he’s come to the UFC. A lot of people don’t understand how good he is because they remember how badly Anderson Silva beat him. He really is one of the best fighters at 185. Kampmann showed great heart in fighting off the KO but was simply overwhelmed by Marquardt’s barrage of strikes. He has all the tools to be a top 10 fighter but must put together some solid wins to get there. Marquardt stays at 7. Kampmann drops to 25.

155 lbs. – Kurt Pellegrino [36] vs. Thiago Tavares [42]

Pretty even matchup. Kurt almost finished him in the 1st round after dropping him with a punch and had a near-armbar in the 2nd round. Both guys looked gassed by the 3rd round. They must improve their stamina if they want to be champions. Kurt stays at 36. Thiago stays at 42.

170 lbs. – Dong Hyun Kim [47] vs. Matt Brown

I was disappointed in Kim’s performance and impressed by Matt Brown. Brown looked very much improved. He is very tough to submit and he showed great takedown defense. He also put a lot of pressure on Kim. Kim needs to improve his standup in order to be a threat at 170. If he though Matt Brown was hard to takedown, he’s gonna have problems at the next level of opponent. I’m interested to see both fighter’s next fights. Kim’s lackluster performance could be due to Matt Brown’s rising skills or it could be because he was overrated. Kim drops to 54.

170 lbs. – Ryo Chonan [19] vs. Roan Carneiro [23]

Chonan drops to 22. Roan stays at 23.

185 lbs. – Jason MacDonald [31] vs. Jason Lambert [NR]

MacDonald quickly erases his loss to Demian Maia with an impressive win over a tough opponent. I was surprised how easily MacDonald got his takedowns. For his part, Lambert locked on a very tight guillotine in the 1st round. But MacDonald has shown in the past that he will never tap out. He survived and got the rear-naked choke in the 2nd. This is the 2nd impressive performance by the ever-improving Jason MacDonald. MacDonald rises to 23.

205 lbs. – Tim Boetsch [30] vs. Mike Patt

Tim Boetsch picks up another win. He is a very powerful and tough man and should get a ranked opponent in his next go-around. Boetsch stays at 30.

Fights I’d like to see:


Rashad Evans [4] vs. Forrest Griffin [1]           

Chuck Liddell [5] vs. Thiago Silva [11]                                                                     

Rich Franklin [21] vs. the winner of Sokoudjou [10] vs. Luis Cane [19]

Matt Hamill [25] vs.Stephan Bonnar [18]

Tim Boetsch [30] vs. the winner of Houston Alexander [28] vs. Eric Schafer [34]


Dan Henderson [3] vs. Nathan Marquardt [7]

Jason MacDonald [23] vs. Rousimar Palhares [41]

Jason Lambert [NR] vs. the loser of Ed Herman [37] vs. Alan Belcher [52]


Martin Kampmann [NR] vs. Mike Swick [11]

Ryo Chonan [22] vs. Kevin Burns [19]

Roan Carneiro [23] vs. George Sotiropoulos [46]

Dong Hyun Kim [54] vs. Tom Speer [61]

Matt Brown vs. Rory Markham [50]


Kurt Pellegrino [36] vs. Roger Huerta [21]

Thiago Tavares [42] vs. Cole Miller [62]

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MMA Schedule (November, 2008)

Sengoku 6 – November 1


Rogerio Nogueira [13] vs. Moise Rimbon

Muhammed Lowal [NR] vs. Fabio Silva [Lawal debuts at 37]


Jorge Santiago [24] vs. Siyar Bahadurzada

Joe Doerksen [51] vs. Izuru Takeuchi

Yuki Sasaki [58] vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura [79]

Jorge Santiago [21] vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura [56]


Takanori Gomi [6] vs. Sergey Golyaev [Golyaev debuts at 17]

Eiji Mitsuoka [31] vs. Satoru Kitaoka [Kitaoka debuts at 31]

Jorge Masvidal [39] vs. Seung Hwan Bang

Mizuto Hirota [52] vs. Kazunori Yokota [Yokota debuts at 51]

Satoru Kotaoka [31] vs. Kazunori Yokota [51]

WEC 36 – November 5


Paulo Filho [3] vs. Chael Sonnen [22]



Rob McCullough [55] vs. Donald Cerrone [73]


Urijah Faber [1] vs. Mike Brown [8]

Jens Pulver [3] vs. Leonard Garcia [11]

Jose Aldo [20] vs. Jonathan Brookins


Yoshiro Maeda [3] vs. Rani Yahya [14]

UFC 91 – November 15 


Randy Couture [3] vs. Brock Lesnar [15]

Gabriel Gonzaga [7] vs. Josh Hendricks


Demian Maia [15] vs. Nate Quarry [54]

Amir Sadolloh [74] vs. Nick Catone


Dustin Hazelett [12] vs. Tamdan McCrory [43]

Matt Brown vs. Ryan Thomas


Kenny Florian [7] vs. Joe Stevenson [9]

Jeremy Stephens [64] vs. Rafael dos Anjos

Mark Bocek [73] vs. Alvin Robinson

Jorge Gurgel vs. Aaron Riley

Strikeforce – November 21


Renato Sobral [14] vs. Bobby Southworth


Yves Edwards [35] vs. Duane Ludwig

Shooto – November 29


Hideki Kadowaki [5] vs. Takeshi Inoue [19]

Hatsu Hioki [15] vs. Rumina Sato [29]





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