MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

UFC 89 (October, 2008)

UFC 89 – October 18

185 lbs. – Michael Bisping [20] vs. Chris Leben [36]

MMA Record: Michael Bisping (16-1); Chris Leben (18-4)

Preview: This should be a great fight. Both guys are looking to get a title shot in the near future and their styles match up well. They are both well rounded fighters with tons of stamina and heart who love to trade strikes. Leben has a granite chin and Bisping has never been stopped. The fight could go either way but I think Bisping will find a way to grind out a decision victory.

Result: Bisping kept Leben at the end of his punches and used footwork to stick and move for the unanimous decision victory. Leben kept coming forward but to no avail. “The Count” is ready for a top 10 opponent. Leben must find a plan B because slugging it out doesn’t work against taller opponents with disciplined striking. Bisping rises to 15. Leben drops to 37.

205 lbs. – Keith Jardine [9] vs. Brandon Vera [26]

MMA Record: Keith Jardine (13-4-1); Brandon Vera (9-2)

Preview: This will be a litmus test for Brandon Vera at the Light-Heavyweight division. Keith Jardine likes a slow pace to his fights. Vera would be wise to be aggressive and put Keith on his heels fast. If Vera is methodical, then Keith’s chances are high. If Vera turns it up, he will win. Im going with the latter. Vera will end the fight with his fists in the 3rd round.

Result: Jardine edged out Vera for the split decision by landing the harder strikes in what turned into a bonafide kickboxing match. Vera was not aggressive enough and looked as if he was in a sparring session. He must show more desire if he wants to maximize his world-class skills. Jardine rises to 8. Vera rises to 24.

205 lbs. – Sokoudjou [10] vs. Luis Cane [19]

MMA Record: Sokoudjou (5-2); Luis Cane (8-1)

Preview: Sokoudjou has dynamite in his fists and can end the fight at anytime. Luis Cane has looked very sharp with his strikes in his 2 fights in the octagon. He is still a bit of an unknown, however, and we will learn a lot about him in this fight.

Result: Luis Cane has arrived. He showed great grit by weathering Sokoudjou’s 1st round onslaught. He has a good chin and a big heart. When Sokoudjou slowed down in the 2nd round, Cane took over and ended the fight with power strikes of his own. We have yet to see Cane’s ground game, but he has top shelf standup. Sokoudjou has tons of talent but he needs to harness it if he plans on becoming champion someday. Cane rises to 10. Sokoudjou drops to 12.

170 lbs. – Chris Lytle [15] vs. Paul Taylor [42]

MMA Record: Chris Lytle (25-16-5); Paul Taylor (9-3-1)

Preview: Nobody in the sport has more heart than Chris Lytle and Paul Taylor. These guys are true warriors. Both are dangerous strikers: Taylor more with his feet and Lytle with his hands. There is a differnece in their ground games. Lytle should have a significant advantage there. This is sure to be a crowd-pleasing for as long as it lasts. In the end, look for Lytle to finish it with a submission in the 1st or 2nd round.

Result: This fight lived up to the hype. They slugged it out for 3 rounds and showed why they’re considered 2 of the toughest guys in the sport. Lytle came in like a madman and Taylor stood his ground. Lytle landed slightly more strikes and got more takedowns. He started to gas in the 3rd round but by that time Taylor needed a KO to get the win. He almost got it but the bell sounded. Lytle picked up another solid win to put on his gaudy resume. Lytle rises to 13. Taylor drops to 44.

170 lbs. – Marcus Davis [16] vs. Paul Kelly [41]

MMA Record: Marcus Davis (14-4); Paul Kelly (7-0)

Preview: There’s no secret to Marcus Davis. He loves to throw leather. Paul Kelly does too. This should be another entertaining fight. Paul’s reputation would take a big leap if he pulled off the victory here. But the safe money is on Davis. He is extremely powerful and will probably get the KO with his right hand.

Result: Davis showed the better all-around game in this one. He was the more technical striker in the 1st round and in the 2nd, he landed a fight-ending guillotine choke. Davis rises to 14. Kelly drops to 43.

170 lbs. – Akihiro Gono [14] vs. Dan Hardy [52]

MMA Record: Akihiro Gono (28-12-7); Dan Hardy (19-6)

Result: Hardy edged out the split decision with very impressive standup and an ability to escape the ground game. Gono is an old dog but he showed his age in this one. Hardy was younger, stronger and more athletic. “The Outlaw” has made his move in the division and is poised to become a contender. Hardy rises to 23. Gono drops to 24.

 155 lbs. – David Baron [NR] vs. Jim Miller [58]

MMA Record: David Baron (16-2); Jim Miller (11-1)

Result: This was a dominant performance by Jim Miller. He got the takedowns early in each round and controlled the jiu-jitsu game throughout. For his part, David Baron showed game toughness and resiliency. But in the 3rd round, Miller sunk in a fight ending rear-naked choke to pick up another quality victory.

155 lbs. – Jess Liaudin [NR] vs. David Bielkheden

MMA Record: Jess Liaudin (12-10); David Bielkheden (12-6)

Result: This was a close, back-and-forth fight for the first 2 rounds. Bielheden was relentless with his takedowns though, and by round 3 he started to administer some damage via ground-and-pound. He ended up taking the unanimous decision. Bielkheden debuts at 74. Liaudin debuts at 80.

155 lbs. – Sam Stout [37] vs. Terry Etim [50]

MMA Record: Sam Stout (13-4-1); Terry Etim (10-2)

Result: This turned into a highly skilled kickboxing match. Etim looked extremely sharp in the 1st round and Stout finished the 3rd round strong. The judges gave a well-deserved unanimous decision to Terry Etim. He is just 22-years-old and has an extremely bright future ahead. I would not be surprised to see him competing for the championship in a few years. Etim rises to 36. Stout drops to 39.

HVY – Shane Carwin [45] vs. Neil Wain

MMA Record: Shane Carwin (9-0) Neil Wain (4-0)

Result: Carwin extends his 1st round stoppage streak to 10. Carwin rises to 37.

155 lbs. – Per Eklund vs. Samy Schiavo

MMA Record: Per Eklund (13-3-1); Samy Schiavo (10-5)

Result: Per Eklund put together a nice all-around game. Schiavo put the pressure on but Per was up to it and was in control on the feet and on the mat. He finished Samy with a 3rd round rear-naked choke. Per debuts at 79.


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