MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

UFC 90 (October, 2008)


UFC 90 – October 25


185 lbs. Title – Anderson Silva [1] vs. Patrick Cote [14]

MMA Record: Anderson Silva (22-4); Patrick Cote (13-4)

Result: Very anticlimactic finish with Cote blowing out his knee in the 3rd round. Patrick may be able to claim he lasted 3 rounds with Silva, but he didn’t do anything to him for those 3 rounds. Silva was extremely patient and only landed maybe 2 to 4 significant shots the whole fight. But he was still dominatnt and I don’t see anyone in the division who can hang with him right now. He’s like Michael Jordan playing basketball against grade schoolers. I’m almost beginning to feel sorry for his opponents. They have no chance. Anderson stays at 1. Cote drops to 17.


170 lbs. – Thiago Alves [2] vs. Josh Koscheck [3]

MMA Record: Thiago Alves (15-3); Josh Koscheck (11-2)

Result: Props to Koscheck for taking this fight on short notice, but he ran into a buzzsaw. Thiago Alves rocked him several times en route to a unanimous decision win. He now stands on the precipace of greatness. The winner of BJ/GSP will have to deal with an animal with elite striking and takedown defense. Thiago’s leg kicks are unbelievable and his strength is formidable. Koscheck’s standup is becoming very sharp. He remains in the top 5. Thiago stays at 2. Koscheck drops to 4.


155 lbs. – Gray Maynard [14] vs. Rich Clementi [31]

MMA Record: Gray Maynard: (5-0); Rich Clementi (32-12-1)

Result: Maynard did his best Matt Hughes impression and dominated his opponent with wrestling from start to finish. “The Bully” grinded Clementi down and took the unanimous decision. He’s going to have to improve his standup, however, because he’s not always going to be able to keep his opponent on the mat for 3 rounds. Clementi was game and will be back. Maynard rises to 11. Clementi stays at 31.


HVY – Fabricio Werdum [6] vs. Junior dos Santos

MMA Record: Fabricio Werdum (11-3-1); Junior dos Santos (6-1)

Result: Let’s be frank. This was not a case of Santo being the better fighter. It was Werdum completely underestimating him and coming in waaay out of shape. At 255 lbs., he weighed 20 lbs. more than his usual fighting weight. He looked sluggish and got caught by a wicked uppercut in round 1. Santos obviously has power but that’s all we know at this point. We’ll need to see him in a couple more fights to accurately gauge his skills. Werdum drops to 16. dos Santos debuts at 24.


155 lbs. – Sean Sherk [7] vs. Tyson Griffin [11]

MMA Record: Sean Sherk (32-3-1); Tyson Griffin (12-1)

Result: This was a truly great fight. They slugged it out for three rounds at a very high pace. It’s true that they are mirror images of eachother. They are both great wrestlers with granite chins and incredible cardio. Their wrestling cancled out and they stood and traded for most of the fight. Sherk was a bit more aggresive and did get Tyson’s back a couple of times in the 1st round. I wish this fight was 10 rounds. It still would have gone to a decision. Sherk rises to 5. Tyson drops to 20.


185 lbs. – Thales Leites [6] vs. Drew McFedries [44]

MMA Record: Thales Leites (13-1); Drew McFedries (7-4)

Result: Thales Leites schooled Drew McFedries in blackbelt level jiu-jitsu. He was masterful once he got the takedown and methodically sunk in an inescapable rear-naked choke. Drew had no chance. His ground game is nowhere near UFC-caliber. He has to hit the gym hard if he wants any chance of succeeding at this level. Thales is a very complete fighter who is entering his prime. Watch out. Thales stays at 6. Drew drops to 57.


155 lbs. – Spencer Fisher [23] vs. Shannon Gugerty

MMA Record: Spencer Fisher (21-4); Shannon Gugerty (11-2)

Result: Fisher picked up his second win in a row with a third round triangle choke submission. He also used some nice clinch-elbows to cut Gugerty. Shannon was tough but overmatched in the striking department. He did get Fisher down a couple of times but didn’t do anything with it. He will be back and get another chance to crack the rankings. Fisher stays at 23.


185 lbs. –  Dan Miller [57] vs. Matt Horwich [73]

MMA Record: Dan Miller (9-1); Matt Horwich (23-10-1)

Result: There was some truly amazing jiu-jitsu in this fight. When people compare MMA to chess, they are referring to the 2nd round of this fight. Awesome stuff. Horwich is as tough as they come but Miller’s takedowns are what gave him the slight edge in the unanimous decision. These two guys have some really exciting jiu-jitsu and I can’t wait for their next fights. Miller rises to 50. Horwich rises to 67.


155 lbs. – Hermes Franca [22] vs. Marcus Aurelio [30]

MMA Record: Hermes Franca (18-7); Marcus Aurelio (16-6)

Result: Hermes landed leg-kick after leg-kick after leg-kick after leg-kick in taking the unanimous decision. Aurelio had absolutely nothing to offer in return. A dominant victory for Hermes. Hermes rises to 19. Aurelio drops to 33.


170 lbs. – Josh Burkman [18] vs. Pete Sell [NR]

MMA Record: Josh Burkman (9-6); Pete Sell (7-4)

Result: Pete Sell gets the unanimous decision in his debut at 170 lbs. Burkman loses his third straight. Sell debuts at 23. Burkman drops to 26.


October 21, 2008 - Posted by | MMA Analysis | , ,


  1. Poor McFedries, I’m still a fan.
    The guy is never boring.
    I was saying to a friend as soon as they started showing the fight it seems like Drew doesn’t train defense at all.

    Sherk/Griffin and Kos/Alves were very fun fights.
    I can’t believe Werdum/Dos Santos went down like it did, Werdum is following the path of Jardine it would seem.

    It looks like Burkman is probably heading elsewhere…

    I should add that this event was about the worst job I’ve done in a couple of years at picking winners.

    I had Burkman, Horwich, Kos, Werdum and Clementi winning.

    I had Fisher winning, but I didn’t think he’d sub a black belt.

    Comment by Aas Gutú Adéli | October 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. I love your pre-fight and post-fight analysis!

    Keep up the good work. I agree with your rankings and I think they are the most credible around.

    Comment by Giga Explosivo | October 28, 2008 | Reply

  3. Gutu,

    I think Werdum learned a huge lesson. He showed a lack of focus IMO but I think it was an aberration.

    Burkman reached his peak 4 fights ago. He’s sliding badly.

    I think the Miller boys are going to be a staple in the UFC for years to come. You should def check out Miller vs. Horwich if you haven’t seen it yet.

    Comment by Kevin | October 28, 2008 | Reply

  4. Giga,

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. I like doing the analysis. It gives a little substance to my rankings.

    Comment by Kevin | October 28, 2008 | Reply

  5. I don’t think there is any excuse for coming in so out of shape. Rogan and Goldie said Werdum was putting on weight to contend with heavier HVYs like Lesnar, but Lesnars weight isn’t flabby. Werdum just looked like he took all the time from his Vera fight off and walked into the Octagon.

    Comment by Giga Explosivo | October 29, 2008 | Reply

  6. “””He’s like Michael Jordan playing basketball against grade schoolers”””

    — this had me laughing. But it really is true. I hope he can stay sharp dealing with all this sub-par competition.

    Hopefully Cung Le will join UFC and provide some worthy opposition.

    And yes, your analysis is awesome. Especially that of that little Brazilian firecrack Thiago Alves. I love how he turns his hips into those kicks.

    Comment by Terrence Brannon | November 8, 2008 | Reply

  7. Thanks Terrence. That was the only analogy I could think of:) And I also hope Cung Le sign with the UFC. Cung is the only person I can think of that has as varied a striking arsenal as Anderson does. One thing people always point to when running this match through their heads is the effect of Anderson’s reach advantage. I’m not sure it would be as big a factor as most people think. Cung has tremendous foot work and can use angles as good as anyone. He also has a giant heart. Silva would have to put him to sleep for the win.

    Thiago’s leg kicks are vicious. He is very powerful for Welterweight and is only getting more technically sound with age. I really think Thiago and BJ are the only threats right now to GSP’s title.

    Comment by Kevin | November 9, 2008 | Reply

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