MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

March MMA (March, 2009)

WEC 39 – March 1

170 lbs.

Alex Serdyukov [60] vs. Johny Hendricks

  • MMA Records: Serdyukov (8-4); Hendricks (4-0)
  • Hendricks winner by Unanimous Decision. Hendricks debuts at 57. Serdyukov drops to 61.

Mike Pierce [34] vs. Justin Haskins

  • MMA Records: Pierce (6-1); Haskins (4-2)
  • Pierce winner by 3rd round TKO. Pierce stays at 34.

155 lbs.

Bart Palaszewski [60] vs. Ricardo Lamas

  • MMA Records: Palaszewski (30-11); Lamas (5-0)
  • Lamas winner by Split Decision. Lamas debuts at 65. Palaszewski drops to 68.

Rob McCullough [67] vs. Marcus Hicks [75]

  • MMA Records: McCullough (16-5); Hicks (8-1)
  • McCullough winner by Unanimous Decision. McCullough rises to 56. Hicks drops to 86.

Alex Karalexis vs. Greg McIntyre

  • MMA Records: Karalexis (9-4); McIntyre (5-3)
  • Karalexis winner by 1st round TKO.

Danny Castillo vs. Phil Cardella

  • MMA Records: Castillo (6-1); Cardella (7-2)
  • Castillo winner by Split Decision.

145 lbs.

Mike Brown [1] vs. Leonard Garcia [3]

  • MMA Records: Brown (20-4); Garcia (12-3)
  • Brown winner by 1st round Submission (arm-triangle). Brown stays at 1. Garcia drops to 6.

Jose Aldo [12] vs. Chris Mickle

  • MMA Records: Aldo (13-1); Mickle (26-11-1)
  • Aldo winner by 1st round TKO. Aldo rises to 7.

Mike Budnik vs. John Franchi

  • MMA Records: Budnik (7-1); Franchi (4-0)

  • Franchi winner by Split Decision.

135 lbs.

Marcos Galvao [7] vs. Damacio Page [13]

  • MMA Records: Galvao (6-2-1); Page (10-4)
  • Page winner by 1st round KO. Page rises to 7. Galvao drops to 8.

Kenji Osawa [19] vs. Rafael Rebello

  • MMA Records: Osawa (13-8-2); Rebello (5-2)
  • Osawa winner by Split Decision. Osawa rises to 17.

UFC 96 – March 7


Gabriel Gonzaga [10] vs. Shane Carwin [31]

  • MMA Records: Gonzaga (10-3); Carwin (10-0)
  • UFC Records: Gonzaga (6-2); Carwin (2-0)
  • Result: Carwin winner by 1st round TKO. Carwin rises to 11. Gonzaga drops to 13.

205 lbs.

Quinton Jackson [4] vs. Keith Jardine [7]

  • MMA Records: Jackson (29-7); Jardine (14-4-1)
  • UFC Records: Jackson (4-1); Jardine (6-3)
  • Result: Jackson winner by Unanimous Decision. Jackson rises to 2. Jardine drops to 12.

Matt Hamill [22] vs. Mark Munoz

  • MMA Records: Hamill (5-2); Munoz (5-0)
  • UFC Records: Hamill (5-2); Munoz (0-0)
  • Result: Hamill winner by 1st round KO. Hamill rises to 20.

Brandon Vera [25] vs. Mike Patt

  • MMA Records: Vera (9-3); Patt (12-3)
  • UFC Records: Vera (5-3); Patt (0-1)
  • Result: Vera winner by 2nd round TKO. Vera rises to 21.

Tim Boetsch [28] vs. Jason Brilz [37]

  • MMA Records: Boetsch (8-2); Brilz (16-1-1)
  • UFC Records: Boetsch (2-1); Brilz (1-0)
  • Brilz winner by Unanimous Decision. Brilz rises to 30. Boetsch drops to 33.

185 lbs.

Kendall Grove [42] vs. Jason Day [47]

  • MMA Records: Grove (9-5); Day (17-7)
  • UFC Records: Grove (4-2); Day (1-1)
  • Result: Grove winner by 1st round TKO. Grove rises to 35. Day stays at 47.

170 lbs.

Tamdan McCrory [37] vs. Ryan Madigan

  • MMA Records: McCrory (9-2); Madigan (5-0)
  • UFC Records: McCrory (2-2); Madigan (0-0)
  • Result: McCrory winner by 1st round submission (strikes). McCrory rises to 32.

Pete Sell [22] vs. Matt Brown [54]

  • MMA Records: Sell (8-4); Brown (8-7)
  • UFC Records: Sell (2-4); Brown (2-1)
  • Result: Brown winner by 1st round TKO. Brown rises to 27. Sell drops to 37.

155 lbs.

Gray Maynard [10] vs. Jim Miller [35]

  • MMA Records: Maynard (6-0); Miller (13-1)
  • UFC Records: Maynard (4-0, 1 NC); Miller (2-0)
  • Result: Maynard winner by Unanimous Decision. Maynard rises to 9. Miller drops to 38.

Aaron Riley vs. Shane Nelson

  • MMA Records: Riley (27-10-1); Nelson (11-3)
  • UFC Records: Riley (1-2); Nelson (1-0)

DREAM 7 – March 8

170 lbs.

Shinya Aoki [NR] vs. David Gardner

  • MMA Records: Aoki (19-3); Gardner (16-10)
  • Result: Aoki winner by 1st round submission (rear-naked choke)

155 lbs.

Tatsuya Kawajiri [11] vs. Ross Ebanez

  • Kawajiri (22-5-2); Ebanez (19-6)
  • Result: Kawajiri winner by 1st round submission (rear-naked choke). Kawajiri stays at 11.

Mitsuhiro Ishida [15] vs. Daisuke Nakamura

  • MMA Records: Ishida (17-4-1); Nakamura (19-9)
  • Result: Ishida winner by unanimous decision. Ishida stays at 15. Nakamura debuts at 95.

135 lbs.

Atsushi Yamamoto [5] vs. Masakatsu Imanari [NR]

  • MMA Records: Yamamoto (12-5-1); Imanari (15-6-1)
  • Result: Imanari winner by split decision. Imanari debuts at 7. Yamamoto drops to 8.

Chase Beebe [10] vs. Joe Warren

  • MMA Records: Beebe (11-3); Warren (0-0)
  • Result: Warren winner by 1st round TKO (doctor stoppage). Warren debuts at 11. Beebe drops to 15.

Yoshiro Maeda [12] vs. Micah Miller [NR]

  • MMA Records: Maeda (23-6-2); Miller (10-2)
  • Result: Maeda winner by unanimous decision. Maeda drops to 13 (because of Imanari’s debut)

Abel Cullum [21] vs. Akiyo Nishiura [NR]

  • MMA Records: Cullum (13-2); Nishiura (9-3-1)
  • Result: Cullum winner by unanimous decision. Cullum rises to 14. Nishiura debuts at 26.

Hiroyuki Takaya [NR] vs. Jong Won Kim

  • MMA Records: Takaya (9-6-1); Kim (0-0)
  • Result: Takaya winner by 2nd round TKO. Takaya debuts at 24.

Bibiano Fernandes vs. Takafumi Otsuka

  • MMA Records: Fernandes (3-2); Otsuka (8-3-1)
  • Result: Fernandes winner by unanimous decision. Fernandes debuts at 23.

Sengoku 8 – March 20

205 lbs.

Muhammad Lawal [36] vs. Ryo Kawamura [NR]

  • MMA Records: Kawamura (9-3-2); Lawal (3-0)
  • Result: Lawal winner by Unanimous Decision. Lawal rises to 34.


Hatsu Hioki [12] vs. Chris Manuel [NR]

  • MMA Records: Hioki (17-3-2); Manuel (6-0-2)
  • Result: Hioki winner by 1st round submission (triangle armbar). Hioki rises to 10.

Hidekii Kadowaki [13] vs. Nam Phan

  • MMA Records: Kadowaki (13-8-2); Phan (14-5)
  • Result: Phan winner by 1st round TKO. Phan debuts at 13. Kadowaki drops to 14.

L.C. Davis [14] vs. Michihiro Omigawa

  • MMA Records: Davis (13-1); Omigawa (4-7-1)
  • Result: Omigawa winner by Unanimous Decision. Omigawa debuts at 19. Davis drops to 20.

Marlon Sandro [21] vs. Matt Jaggers

  • MMA Records: Sandro (12-0); Jaggers (9-4)
  • Result: Sandro winner by 2nd round submission (arm-trainlge choke). Sandro rises to 17.

Shintaro Ishitwatari [30] vs. Chan Sung Jung

  • MMA Records: Ishiwatari (6-1-3); Jung (2-0)
  • Result: Jung winner by 1st round submission (rear-naked choke). Jung debuts at 18. Ishiwatari drops to 34.

Jong Man Kim vs. Masanori Kanehara

  • Kim (3-5-3); Kanehara (11-5-5)
  • Result: Kanehara winner by unanimous decision.

Nick Denis vs. Seiya Kawahara

  • MMA Records: Denis (6-0); Kawahara (6-1)
  • Result: Denis winner by 1st roudn TKO.

Ronnie Mann vs. Tetsuya Yamada

  • MMA Records: Mann (16-1-1); Yamada (3-0)
  • Result: Mann winner by unanimous decision.

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  1. Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

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    Comment by Mike | March 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks Mike, I appreciate it.

    Comment by Kevin | March 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. Very solid, B+ rankings
    Sandro is higher than 17, I’d go 12.
    Galvao at 8? come on, he isn’t top 20. I know it was a dominating win for Page but he’s not top 10 by any stretch of the imagination.
    Jardine at 12, really that low?
    Hioki should be ranked higher than 10.
    Kanehara deserves a spot in the top 25 fw rankings.
    Son Jon has a very bright future at 22, but he’s not 18 at fw, more like late twenties eary thirties.
    Vera at 21? Damn that’s pretty low for him. He’s top 15 imo.
    McCrory at 32? That’s a pretty generous spot for him. Same with Omigawa at 19.
    Lawal is top 25.

    Comment by matt quigg | April 8, 2009 | Reply

  4. Matt,

    the problem w/ Sandro is that he hasn’t fought any one at the top. Once he faces a good wrestler, he will have problems.

    I disagree w/ you about Galvao. He drew w/ Ueda and beat Kenji Osawa and Fredson Paixao. His standup sucks but he deserves some credit.

    Page’s win over Scott Jorgensen and Galvao or big wins. Jorgensen is a very tough fighter. Time will tell though.

    205 is so top-heavy with sharks. If i move Jardine up, who would you move down? His loss to Houston Alexander isn’t helping him out.

    I was extremely impressed w/ Hioki. He looked dominant vs. Manuel. His loss vs. Jong Man Kim a couple years ago was a big setback. He will rise though. I like his style.

    I’m gonna keep a close eye on Kanehara. You may be right there.

    Anyone w/ Sung Jung’s chin and his striking is gonna pose a problem for anyone. Ishiwatari was no joke on the feet but Sung Jung erased him.

    Vera hasn’t done anything at 205. If anything, I have him too high. I believe he’ll love vs. Matt Hamill

    McCrory had a great showing vs. Hazelett until it hit the ground. There is a big dropoff at 170 after Matt Brown [28] There is going to be some big changes in that division this year.

    Omigawa’s win over L.C. Davis was no fluke. I remember being impressed w/ him when he fought Matt Wiman (or was it Thiago Tavares?) in the UFC. He has a bad record but thoses losses were to Sung Jung, Tavares, Wiman, Cavalcante, Aaron Riley, Yokota…Tough competition.

    Lawal hasn’t done enought to be at 25. He hasn’t fought any competition.

    Comment by Kevin | April 10, 2009 | Reply

  5. Sandro handled Daiki Hata, Hata is a solid FW. He hasn’t fought a top fw though I agree. If he wins the WVR Sengoko tourney that should warrant a top 10 ranking.

    Galvao did do well against Paixao, and Ueda excellent point. However in the major leagues he has gotten the shit punched out of him. I don’t think Galvao is even a top 10 WEC BW.

    Page is a strong fighter, but not top 10 or even close imho, 15-20.

    Jardine should no doubt be ranked ahead of Babalu, Luiz Cane, and Shogun. The Alexander fight was a fluke as we all know ala GSP-Serra I .

    Son Jon has a chin of granite for sure, he was fortunate to bumrush Ishiwatari and floor him as Shintaro has far cleaner striking. He has heavy strikes but leaves himself wide open. At 22, Son Jon is a future top 10 FW, just not that high of a ranking (18), this minute. Kanehara will defeat him WVR Sengoku VIII.

    Time will tell with Vera. Not having him atleast top 15 is unfathomable to me.

    Speaking of Matt Brown, I like how you have him ranked that high. Brown is the most underrated ww worldwide. Good intuition with that spot.

    Omigawa’s win over Davis was no joke, I agree. Before that bout though Davis was easily the most overrated FW worldwide. Some moran’s even had Davis ranked top 10 after his win over Quach(natural BW) lol. Omigawa fought Tavares and the fight was a dud. Omigawa’s record is 5-7 I have a hard time ranking him top 20. I never saw Omigawa vs. Wiman.

    Intuition tell’s me Lawal is going to have a superb career. He is the modern Kevin Randleman. He hasn’t fought top comp yet, but has dominated his opponent’s as well as one could.

    Comment by matt quigg | April 11, 2009 | Reply

  6. I just saw Hata fight for the first time and he is solid but not great. Sandro will definately be top 10 if he wins Sengoku.

    Galvoa sucks at standup. There’s no getting around that.

    Time will tell with Page.

    I respect your opinion on Jardine. You have a stong case.

    I’m not sold on Kanehara but you say he’s good, so i’ll keep a close eye on that fight. You may be right.

    I think Vera is overrated. He talks a good game but lack aggression and the fighting spirit of guys like Liddell and Wanderlei.

    Matt Brown is making a run at 170. I’ve been surprised by him.

    LC Davis was definately being hyped heavily. I was on his bandwagon. I though being a miletich guy with great athleticism was going to pose a big threat to his opponents.

    Lawal will get there but he needs to get in the UFC. That’s where he’ll be tested.

    Comment by Kevin | April 14, 2009 | Reply

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