MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

135 Rankings (June, 2009)

1 Miguel Torres 37-1 East Chicago, IN WEC Champion
2 Masakatsu Ueda 8-0-2 Tokyo, Japan Shooto Champion
3 Brian Bowles 7~0 Athens, GA
4 Joe Warren 2~0 Ann Arbor, MI
5 Koetsu Okazaki 5~1~1 Japan
6 Takeya Mizugaki 11~3~2 Kanagawa, Japan GCM Champion
7 Bibiano Fernandes 5~2 Manaus, Brazil
8 Damacio Page 11~4 Albuquerque, NM
9 Atsushi Yamamoto 12~6~1 Shiga, Japan
10 Joseph Benavidez 9~0 Sacramento, CA

11 Rani Yahya 13-4 San Diego, CA ADCC Champion
12 Hiroyuki Takaya 11~6~1 Chiba, Japan
13 Masakazu Imanari 16-7-1 Kanagawa, Japan
14 Marcos Galvao 6~3~1 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
15 Will Ribeiro 10~2 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16 Yoshiro Maeda 24-7-2 Osaka, Japan
17 Akitsohi Tamura 13-7-1 Osaka, Japan
18 Dominic Cruz 13-1 Tucson, AZ
19 Chase Beebe 11~3 Chicago, IL
20 Daiki Hata 11~5~3 Chiba, Japan
21 Hideo Tokoro 22-16-1 Japan
22 Abel Cullum 14-3 Tucumcari, NM
23 Manny Tapia 10~2~1 Chino, CA
24 Eddie Wineland 14-6-1 Portage, IN
25 Jeff Curran 29-11-1 Island Lake, IL
26 Antonio Banuelos 16-5 Arroyo Grande, CA
27 Scott Jorgensen 6~3 Boise, ID
28 Kenji Osawa 15-8-2 Tokyo, Japan
29 Chris Manuel 6~1~2 Coconut Creek, FL
30 Masahiro Oishi 19-11-7 Tokyo, Japan
31 Akiyo Nishiura 10~4~1 Yokohama, Japan
32 Charlie Valencia 10-5 Los Angeles, CA
33 Jeff Bedard 11-2 Duluth, GA

May 29, 2009 - Posted by | MMA Rankings


  1. Good ranking’s as alway’s!!

    Curran ranked 28th? Damn man that’s harsh. He was easily top 15 at fw, imo he should be easily top 10-15 at bw. Shit, I mean you’ve got Chris Manuel ranked ahead of him jeez.

    Okazaki is a darn good fighter, however he should be at 15 or so. Second thought, I wouldn’t have him ranked as he has not fought within the past year. Whatever the case, Okazaki at 4 is questionable.

    Ueda is universally ranked pretty high at 2 or 3, however I feel is a lil overrated. I’d put him at 9. He had a draw against Galvao, and should have finish a 35-40 bw Tazawa.

    Nice to see you have Bibiano ranked so high, he is finally getting the worldwide respect he deserves as a consummate bw.

    Where is Kid on your list sheesh?

    My top 20, in case you wanna constructively criticize it as I have your’s. If you do not want me to post ranking’s again that’s fine, just say so and I won’t. I just figured this would enlighten our dialogue on ranking’s further.
    1 Miguel Torres
    2 Brian Bowles
    3 Takeya Mizugaki
    4 Joseph Benavidez
    5 Jeff Curran
    6 Bibiano Fernandes
    7 Rani Yahya
    8 Joe Warren
    9 Masakatsu Ueda
    10 Kid Yamamoto
    11 Masakazu Imanari
    12 Atsushi Yamamoto
    13 Will Ribeiro
    14 Chase Beebe
    15 Daiki Hata
    16 Demacio Page
    17 Hiroyuki Takaya
    18 Yoshiro Maeda
    19 Akitoshi Tamura
    20 Hideo Tokoro
    21 Abel Cullum
    22 Dominick Cruz
    23 Eddie Wineland
    24 Takafumi Otsuka
    25 Manny Tapia
    26 Marcos Galvao
    27 Eduardo Dantas
    28 Scott Jorgenson
    29 So Tazawa
    30 Antonio Banuelos
    31 Kenji Osawa
    32 Naoyo Uematsu
    33 Mark Oshiro
    34 Darren Uyenoyama
    35 Charlie Valencia
    36 Hiromasa Ogikubo
    37 Masahiro Oishi
    38 Tetsu Suzuki

    Comment by matt quigg | June 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. Matt,

    135 is admittedly my weakest rankings. I appreciate your input as I have only been following the bantamweights for a year or so. I will take your thoughts into deep consideration.

    – I’ll keep an eye on Okazaki and Ueda. Perhaps they are too high and if Okazaki remains inactive, he will drop.

    – The reason Curran is so low is because he hasn’t won a fight at 135 yet. I’m still debating with myself how relevant “wins outside of the weightclass” should be considered. What are your thoughts on that?

    – Kid falls in the same category as Curran. His big wins have come at 145 or 155. I’m not sure what to do with him to be honest.

    – Your lists are certainly welcome. It’s enjoyable to compare them and it creates a healthy debate. If I find any criticisms, i will bring them up.

    Comment by Kevin | June 2, 2009 | Reply

  3. Fair point as Curran has yet to win a fight at 135. However I sincerely feel he and Kid without a shadow of a doubt belong in the top 15 at bw. Btw, you have Kid ranked no. 5 at fw, however not ranked at bw in the weight class he recently just competed in.

    I share your take that 138.6 (Dream’s odd bw/fw wc) should be considered bw.

    I think win’s outside of a fighter’s weight class he is currently fighting in should be considered heavily. I fundamentally disagree with fan’s who asvocate figher’s like Mousasi(at lhw), or Gamburyan (at fw) should not be fairly ranked in accordance to their fighting ability at a new weight class.

    Comment by matt quigg | June 3, 2009 | Reply

  4. jarrod card is a featherweight…he beat my friend bruce connors for the vacant xfc featherweight belt….

    Comment by Phil | June 10, 2009 | Reply

  5. Phil,

    Thanks for the info. I know he beat Jeff Bedard who is a bantamweight but i looked around and you’re right, Card fight mostly at featherweight. Thanks!

    p.s. Connors is a tough guy so i look forward to watching him in the future.

    Comment by Kevin | June 10, 2009 | Reply

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