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MMA World Rankings

145 Rankings (June, 2009)

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May 29, 2009 - Posted by | MMA Rankings


  1. Nice transition (awhile ago) moving Sandro from 16 to 8-10 as I thought (and stated on he was for awhile) he should be.
    Told ya Kanehara is legit and deserves a top 25 ranking. Tough fight to judge between he and Sung Jung. I think I may have given the fight to Sung Jung 29-28 but it was awfully close

    I know Hominick hasn’t fought for awhile but damn 28th? That’s rough. I’d say he’s 13-at the lowest 16.

    I’d definitely put Takaya over Carvalho.

    Grispi is the real deal I have him at 8. He will dominate Pulver.

    I’d rank Hioki higher, 4 imo.

    I like to see a figher ranked in only one weight class, however

    good ranking’s!!

    Comment by matt quigg | June 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. Matt,

    Great feedback again!

    – I had doubts about Sandro’s standup but he took care of that with his KO win last time out.

    – Kanehara looked good. He gassed a bit at the end but Sung Jung is one tough SOB and would make many people gas.

    – Hominck is ranked low for inactivity and his loss to Grispi. I might have both guys ranked too low. A lot will be figured out when Grispi fights Pulver.

    – It’s true that Takaya beat Carvalho but he then got smoked by Garcia and Swanson. He now fights at bantamweight. Carvalho holds a win over Hioki which is stronger than any of Takaya’s wins. Regardless, he has been inactive lately and he’ll drop soon enough.

    – Hioki has looked great in Sengoku. If he wins the tourney, he’ll get that top 5 spot no doubt.

    – It does suck that some fighters fight at two different classes but it can’t be avoided.

    Thanks again!

    Comment by Kevin | June 1, 2009 | Reply

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