MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

Affliction (January, 2009)

January 24 – California

HVY – Fedor Emelianenko [1] vs. Andrei Arlovski [5]

  • MMA Records: Emelianenko (28-1); Arlovski (14-5)
  • Preview: Cro-Cop went down…Couture went down…Nogueira went down. The old guard is crumbling. There is a new wave of Heavyweights taking over. Will Fedor go down? If anyone can do it, Andrei can. He has won 5 in a row over solid competition: Marcio Cruz [29], Fabricio Werdum [16], Jake O’Brien [28], Ben Rothwell [21] and Roy Nelson [22] have all been thrashed. Fedor is a different animal. Everyone in the fight game loses…right? Not Fedor. His one loss was a fluke cut 15 seconds into the fight from a glancing elbow that he didn’t even notice. He re-matched the fighter (Tsuyoshi Kohsaka) and beat him to a pulp. He has no ego, no hate and seemingly no passion at all. He walks quietly into the ring…does his job…then exits. That being said, anything is possible. Arlovski’s striking has looked very formidable and he could very well knock out Fedor. I wouldn’t say that about any other fighter. That’s how much I revere Arlovski. But…Fedor is Fedor and he will win like he always does. He moves like a lightweight and has no holes in his game. He can end it anywhere and I’m guessing he’ll end it by 1st round TKO.
  • Reult: Fedor winner by 1st round KO.
  • Fedor stays at 1. Arlovski stays at 5.

HVY – Josh Barnett [4] vs. Gilbert Yvel

  • MMA Records: Barnett (23-5); Yvel (35-12-1)
  • Preview: Josh Barnett is the most underrated fighter in MMA. Nobody is less-known and more-talented than “The Baby-Face Assassin.” He is big, strong and fast. He can hold his own striking and has a top-level ground game. Gilbert Yvel has no chance in this fight. He’s a world class striker but has no ground game at all. He’s also the dirtiest fighter that has ever fought MMA. He’s tried to rip out the eyes of his opponent and he’s KO’d the referee. There is still some question as to whether or not the State of California will let him figth. If they do, Barnett will dominate him and win by 1st round submission 
  • Result: Barnett winner by 3rd round submission (punches)
  • Barnett rises to 3. Yvel debuts at 39.

HVY – Paul Buentello [23] vs. Kirill Sidelnikov

  • MMA Records: Buentello (26-10); Sidelnikov (5-2)
  • Preview: Paul Buentello is a highly-skilled brawler. He has solid takedown defense and tremendous hand speed. He looks out of shape but his cardio is solid. Sidelnikov trains with Fedor in Russia. All 5 of his wins have come by KO or TKO. If he slugs with Buentello then he will lose. Buentello by 1st round KO.
  • Result: Buentello winner by 3rd round TKO.
  • Buentello rises to 18.

205 lbs. – Rogerio Nogueira [12] vs. Vladimir Matyushenko [22]

  • MMA Records: Nogueira (14-3); Matyushenko (21-3)
  • Preview: This is a rematch of a 2002 match that Matyushenko won by Unanimous Decision. Vladimir took him down and wrestled his way to victory. That’s his modis operandi. He’s won 8 in a row but nothing spectacular. Rogerio has improved since his 2002 loss. He’s a solid boxer and world-class grappler. Vladimir’s only shot at winning this fight is to repeat his lay & pray performance in 2002. He has extremely limited striking and he won’t be able to submit Rogerio. Rogerio will win by 3rd round submission.
  • Result: Rogerio winner by 2nd round KO.
  • Rogerio rises to 10. Matyushenko drops to 23.

205 lbs. – Sokoudjou [13] vs. Renato Sobral [15]

  • MMA Records: Sokoudjou (5-3); Sobral (31-7)
  • Preview: There is no secret to Sokoudjou’s game. If he doesn’t overwhelm you with strikes in the 1st round, then he’ll probably lose. That’s a big if though. There is noone more explosive than him. The problem is he gases because of his powerful shots. Sobral is a tough veteran who is hard to finish. He’s been KO’d twice in his career but that’s because he’s been in with all the MMA legends. He’s seen it all. If Sokoudjou doesn’t get the 1st round KO then “Babalu” will get the 2nd round submission.
  • Result: Sobral winner by 2nd round submission (Brabo Choke)
  • Sobral rises to 11. Sokoudjou drops to 22.

185 lbs. – Matt Lindland [20] vs. Vitor Belfort [24]

  • MMA Records: Lindland (21-5); Belfort (17-8]
  • Preview: This is a fight between 2 old horses of the UFC. Lindland is pretty much blacklisted by Dana White and Vitor is forever trying to get back to glory days. Nobody is more talented than Vitor but his fights are won and lost between his ears. He can’t ever seem to perform on a consistent basis. He is a precursor to the Sokoudjou’s of todays game. If he doesn’t get the 1st round KO then he’ll lose focus and lose the fight. Matt Lindland is the complete antithesis of Vitor. He is an overacheiver. The word scrappy was invented for guys like him. He loves to take his opponent into deep waters and just pound on him the whole way through. But he’s getting old and slow. He looked pretty bad in his last fight while Vitor got a 1st round KO in his. I think Vitor has more in the tank right now. Vitor by 1st round KO.
  • Result: Belfort winner by 1st round KO.
  • Belfort rises to 15. Lindland drops to 29.

170 lbs. – Jay Hieron [18] vs. Jason High

MMA Records: Hieron (16-4); High (6-0)

155 lbs. – Bobby Green vs. Dan Lauzon

  • MMA Records: Lauzon (11-2); Green (7-1)
  • Result: Lauzon winner by 1st round submission (rear-naked choke)
  • Lauzon debuts at 89.

145 lbs. – Bao Quach [16] vs. L.C. Davis

  • MMA Records: Quach (15-8-1); Davis (12-1)
  • Result: Davis winner by 3rd round Unanimous Decision
  • Davis debuts at 15. Quach drops to 17.

145 lbs. – Antonio Duarte vs. Albert Rios

  • MMA Records: Duarte (11-1); Rios (10-3)
  • Result: Rios winner by Unanimous Decision

170 lbs. – Brett Cooper vs. Patrick Speight

  • MMA Records: Cooper (7-4); Speight (7-1)
  • Result: Cooper winner by 2nd round TKO.
  • Cooper debuts at 72.

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