MMA World Rankings

MMA World Rankings

UFC 94 (January, 2009)

January 31 – Las Vegas, Nevada

170 lbs. Title Fight – Georges St. Pierre [1] vs. B.J. Penn [NR]

  • MMA Records: St. Pierre (17-2); Penn (13-4-1)
  • Preview: Of all the great fights this month, this is the greatest. Both Penn and St. Pierre are among the handful of fighters that everyone in the world respects. They are masters of the craft. They are both boiling hot right now. Their minds are right and their games are tight. St. Pierre has the best takedowns in the game. Penn has the best takedown defense. Both have great jabs. Penn’s submissions are legendary. St. Pierre’s elbows are the best in the world. If you’re an MMA fan, you cannot miss this fight. It will go down in the history books. Both men will be judged by it. It could easily go either way. I’m taking St. Pierre by Split Decision.
  • Result: St. Pierre winner by 4th roudn TKO.
  • GSP’s skill level is in another galaxy. He is so far beyond everyone else it is frightening. Penn got smashed. He must stay at 155 where he is the king. It wasn’t too long ago that Welterweight was considered the most talented along with Light-Heavyweight. The fact that GSP cleaned out the division is incredible. He won the Canadian athlete of the year in 2008. In 2009, he may become recognized as the best athlete in the world. GSP stays at 1.

205 lbs. – Lyoto Machida [4] vs. Thiago Silva [8]

  • MMA Records: Machida (13-0); Silva (13-0)
  • Preview: Speaking of hot. Whoever wins this fight is the next MMA superstar. The winner will more than likely take on Rashad Evans [1] for the belt. Both guys possess similar skills but with a glaring difference in style. Lyoto is very methodical (8 of 13 wins by decision) Thiago is a hyper-aggressive (12 of 13 wins by stoppage)  A match between Yin and Yang. It could be special. Or it could be one sided. It would seem Thiago is tailor-made for Lyoto’s counter striking. Then again, Thiago could put enough pressure on Lyoto to fluster him. All that being said, I just don’t see Machida losing to anyone (including Rashad) right now. Machida by Unanimous Decision.
  • Result: Machida winner by 1st round KO.
  • Machida’s performance was his most dominating yet. He owned Silva. People criticized his patient style but he showed he can end things violently. Noone can touch him right now….including Rashad Evans. Machida rises to 2. Silva drops to 17.

170 lbs. – Karo Parisyan [8] vs. Dong Hyun Kim [58]

  • MMA Records: Parisyan (18-5); Kim (11-0-1)
  • Preview: This is great Judo-player vs. great Judo-player. They may cancel eachother out. It may come down to striking. Kim is the taller fighter but Karo is way more experienced. I would be very surprised if Karo were to lose. Karo by Unanimous Decision.
  • Result: Parisyan winner by Split Decision.
  • Karo got the win but Kim was the one who impressed me. I didn’t think he had a chance but he nearly got the win. Kim dominated Karo in the 1st round but was edged out in the latter 2. Karo did not look like a top 10 fighter.

205 lbs. – Stephan Bonnar [18] vs. Jon Jones [38]

  • MMA Records: Bonnar (11-4); Jones (6-0)
  • Preview: Jon Jones is a very promising young fighter. Stephan Bonnar is a grizzled veteran. Jones will have his day in the sun but not right now and not against Bonnar. It could be a close fight but Bonnar will find a way to win. Bonnar by Split Decision.
  • Result: Jones winner by Unanimous Decision
  • If Jones gets his cardio up to par then he will be contending for the belt in a couple years. He looked amazing in the first 2 rounds. It was one of the most dynamic MMA displays I have ever seen. Jones landed some crazy strikes and sick takedowns. Bonnar’s heart and chin kept him from getting KO’d. He just ran into a rising star. Jones rises to 13. Bonnar stays at 18.

155 lbs. – Clay Guida [27] vs. Nate Diaz [28]

  • MMA Records: Guida (24-9); Diaz (10-2)
  • Preview: Clay Guida wins his fights by setting a pace which his opponents can’t match. He’s relentless and overwhelming. Nate Diaz submits people. He’s hot right now and watch out for his triangle choke. I’m sure Guida will be. I think Diaz has the better boxing so Guida will probably take him to the mat. From there, it will either be Guida’s ground and pound or Diaz’s submissions that win the contest. I think Guida is savvy enough to avoid Nate’s submissions. Guida by Unanimous Decision.
  • Result: Guida winner by Split Decision.
  • Nate did more damage but Guida got the win because of his wrestling. It wasn’t exciting. Guida literally spent 90% of the fight bear-huggin Diaz. He didn’t land hardly any strikes but he maintained control. Diaz wasn’t strong enough to escape. Guida rises to 21. Diaz stays at 28.

170 lbs. – Jon Fitch [3] vs. Akihiro Gono [22]

  • MMA Records: Fitch (17-3); Gono (28-13-7)
  • Preview: Jon Fitch has been relegated to undercard status due to contractual disputes with Dana White. You don’t want to get on Dana’s bad side. Just ask Matt Lindland. As for the fight, I think it will be a good one. Fitch will get the takedowns and Gono will try to land a submission. Fitch is an animal on the ground and Gono is one of the smartest fighters in the world. It should be interesing to watch it play out. I doubt Fitch will finish Gono but he will get the Unanimous Decision.
  • Result: Fitch winner by Unanimous Decision
  • Fitch dominated from start to finish with takedowns and ground and pound. It took all of Gono’s craftiness to survive. Fitch stays at 3. Gono drops to 27.

155 lbs. – Thiago Tavares [46] vs. Manny Gamburyan [64]

  • MMA Records: Tavares (13-3); Gamburyan (8-3)
  • Result: Tavares winner by Unanimous Decision
  • Thiago’s takedowns and slightly more effective striking get him the win in a relatively lackluster fight. Tavares rises to 44. Gamburyan drops to 68.

205 lbs. – Jake O’Brien [NR] vs. Christian Wellisch

  • MMA Records: O’Brien (10-2); Wellisch (8-4)
  • Result: O’Brien winner by Split Decision
  • O’Brien gassed big-time in the 3rd round but put enough takedowns in the bank to eak out the win.
  • O’Brien debuts at 45.

170 lbs. – Chris Wilson [25] vs. John Howard

  • MMA Records: Wilson (14-4); Howard (10-4)
  • Result: Howard winner by Split Decision
  • This was a really good fight. Back and forth they went trading strikes and takedowns but Howard had the slight edge. He had back control in the 3rd round which pretty much sealed it for him. Howard debuts at 25. Wilson drops to 28.

170 lbs. – Matt Arroyo vs. Dan Cramer

  • MMA Records: Arroyo (3-2); Cramer (0-0)
  • Result: Cramer winner by Split Decision
  • Pretty unimpressive fight. Cramer must improve his finishing instincts to become ranked.

Future Fights that make sense


Lyoto Machida [2] vs. Rashad Evans [1]

Jon Jones [13] vs. Eric Shaefer [19]

Thiago Silva [17] vs. Stephan Bonnar [18]


Georges St. Pierre [1] vs. Thiago Alves [2]


BJ Penn [1] vs. Kenny Florian [4]

Clay Guida [21] vs. winner of Gray Maynard [10] vs. Jim Miller [35]

Nate Diaz [28] vs. loser of Diego Sanchez [NR] vs. Joe Stevenson [22]

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