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MMA World Rankings

UFC Fight Night 17 (February, 2009)

UFC Fight Night 17 – February 7

155 lbs. – Joe Lauzon [38] vs. Jeremy Stephens [59]

  • MMA Records: Lauzon (17-4); Stephens (14-3)
  • UFC Records: Lauzon (4-1); Stephens (3-2)
  • Preview: Joe Lauzon has never been in a fight that has gone to a decision. Of his 17 wins, 13 have been by submission. Jeremy Stephens has the type of punching power that puts guys out for 5 minutes or more. He has 5 KO’s and 5 TKO’s on his record. He’s coming of a highlight-reel KO of Rafael dos Anjos in November. If this fight stays standing, Stephens will win. Lauzon must get it to the ground quickly.
  • Result: Lauzon winner by 2nd round submission (armbar)
  • Lauzon stayed away from the powerful striking of Stephens by getting the fight to the ground early and often. Stephens did end of landing some explosive ground and pound but Lauzon defended it and dominated the grappling. The armbar was textbook. In order for Lauzon to keep rising in the rankings, however, he must beat someone like his originally scheduled opponent Hermes Franca. Lauzon rises to 37. Stephens stays at 59.

155 lbs. – Josh Neer [29] vs. Mac Danzig [50]

  • MMA Records: Neer (24-7-1); Danzig (18-5-1)
  • UFC Records: Neer (3-4); Danzig (2-1)
  • Preview: These two guys are gutsy veterans that are solid in all areas. I have no idea who’s going to win this fight and where it will end. Danzig is coming off a Unanimous Decision loss to Clay Guida [21] in September. Neer lost a Split Decision to Nate Diaz [28], also in September. If I had to put my money on someone, it would be Neer by decision.
  • Result: Neer winner by 2nd round submission (Triangle choke)
  • Great fight. Josh Neer is gritty, gutsy and every other adjective for tough. The guy always comes forward. Mac rocked him a couple times but Neer kept coming. Neer’s ground and pound was crushing. He also stood in the pocket and traded on the feet. He finally secured a tight triangle in the 2nd round to get the win. It’s the 1st time in his career that Mac has been submitted. Neer rises to 24. Mac rises to 46.

170 lbs. – Anthony Johnson [15] vs. Luigi Fioravanti [24]

  • MMA Records: Johnson (6-2); Fioravanti (14-4)
  • UFC Records: Johnson (3-2); Fioravanti (4-4)
  • Preview: Anthony Johnson is a physical freak at 170 lbs. He’s huge and super athletic. His last 3 wins have come by KO. Luigi has been slowly climbing the ladder at Welterweight. He’s a pretty good striker with good takedown defense. Unfortunately, Johnson is better in all areas. I got Johnson by 2nd round TKO.
  • Result: Johnson winner by 1st round TKO.
  • Another impressive win for the rising star Anthony Johnson. It’s time for him to take on a top 10 guy. Johnson rises to 14. Luigi drops to 33.

HVY – Cain Velasquez [20] vs. Denis Stojnic

  • MMA Records: Velasquez (4-0); Stojnic (5-1)
  • UFC Records: Velasquez (2-0); Stojnic (0-0)
  • Preveiw: All of Cain’s wins have been 1st round TKO’s. He is a very good wrestler with good ground and pound. He is being groomed to be the next Heavyweight star. I don’t know much about Stojnic but he will be hard-pressed to prevent a vicious ground and pound. Cain by TKO.
  • Result: Velasquez winner by 2nd round TKO.
  • Cain has the tools to be a champion but he needs to take a step up in competition. His relentless pace, toughness and skills need to be tested at the top 10 level. Cain stays at 20.

185 lbs. – Dan Miller [47] vs. Jake Rosholt [76]

  • MMA Records: Miller (10-1); Rosholt (5-0)
  • UFC Records: Miller (2-0); Rosholt (0-0)
  • Preview: This could be a great fight. Miller has great submissions. Jake has great wrestling. Both are super tough and willing to strike. This could go either way but I’ll pick Miller by Split Decision.
  • Result: Miller winner by 1st round submission (Guillotine choke)
  • Miller’s jiu-jitsu beat out Rosholt’s wrestling. Dan Miller is a name to recognize in the middleweight division. Hopefully he’ll get a contender in his next fight. Miller rises to 34. Rosholt stays at 76.

155 lbs. – Rich Clementi [33] vs. Gleison Tibau [49]

  • MMA Records: Clementi (32-13-1); Tibau (15-6)
  • UFC Records: Clementi (5-4); Tibau (3-3)
  • Preview: Clementi is always on the verge of being one of the elite. He’s solid in all areas and knows all the tricks. Tibau is a super big, strong grappler. He looks to outmuscle his opponents and ground and pound. I don’t think he can do that to Clementi. He’s too crafty. Clementi by Unanimous Decision.
  • Result: Tibau winner by 1st round submission (guillotine choke)
  • Tibau’s grappling was too much for Clementi to handle. He landed a crushing guillotine that Rich couldn’t escape. Tibau rises to 36. Clementi drops to 39.

155 lbs. – Kurt Pellegrino [42] vs. Rob Emerson [56]

  • MMA Records: Pellegrino (12-4); Emerson (8-6)
  • UFC Records: Pellegrino (4-3); Emerson (2-0, 1 No Contest)
  • Preview: Pellegrino has a good jiu-jitsu game and solid standup but his best trait is his toughness. He will go out there and lay it on the line. He’s coming off a victory over Thiago Tavares [44]. Rob Emerson is coming off his biggest win: a 12 second KO of Manny Gamburyan [68]. This is a step up in competition for him. He’s never beaten anyone at Kurt’s level. One thing he has going for him is that he’s never been stopped. All 6 losses have come by Decision. I have a feeling this will be number 7.
  • Result: Pellegrino winner by 2nd round submission (rear-naked choke)
  • The standup was pretty even throughout but when Kurt finally decided to take the fight to the mat, it was finished in minutes. Pellegrino rises to 38. Emerson drops to 59.

170 lbs. – Steve Bruno [71] vs. Matt Riddle

  • MMA Records: Bruno (12-4) Riddle (1-0)
  • UFC Records: Bruno (1-1); Riddle (1-0)
  • Result: Riddle winner by unanimous decision
  • Riddle controlled the grappling and Bruno had absolutely no defense for the ground and pound. Riddle debuts at 65. Bruno drops to 75.

185 lbs. – Derek Downey vs. Nick Catone

  •  MMA Records: Downey (10-3); Catone (5-0)
  • UFC Records: Downey (0-0); Catone (0-0)
  • Result: Catone winner by 2nd round submission (keylock)
  • Catone dominated the fight with his explosive wrestling and ground and pound. He twisted Downey’s arm for the keylock finish. Catone debuts at 77.

155 lbs. – Matt Grice [70] vs. Matt Veach

  • MMA Records: Grice (9-1); Veach (10-0)
  • UFC Records: Grice (1-1); Veach (0-0)
  • Result: Veach winner by 1st round TKO.
  • This is a round of the year candidate and maybe a fight of the year candidate as well. Veach got knocked down early and looked finished but he showed unbelieveable toughness in surviving and getting back to his feet. They traded some more and then Veach landed a right cross that was the beginning of the end. Great fight. Veach debuts at 67. Grice drops to 71.

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